'Radical Muslims On The March' – Hannity Investigation – Fox News

Good to see Hannity pick up on this:

Terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel runs through the numbers: Peaceful Majority Irrelevant: (Tim Blair)

Sean Hannity studio audience Special featuring Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, Jamie Glazov, KT McFarland, and Todd Starnes.

From a poster on youtube:
 Tamara Holder personifies the left; “I just spent 2 weeks in Morocco, so don’t tell me I don’t know about the middle east”.
Yes, there are creatures among us who are that stupid.  Tamera is  hollower than a tin drum. She comes across like a spoiled know it all high school teenager. Her attitude is so childish and immature. She is rritating as hell, and hilarious, all at the same time. She’s so dumb, she doesn’t even realise how embarrassed she should be, following the crap that she spews.
Michael Goose does the usual dissembling; Jamie Glatzov gets a few good words in,  unfortunately Hannity is not really where its at. Its not “radicals” who endanger us all, its Islam, just Islam, nothing but Islam.  Muslims don’t need to be terrorists to endanger  our society, they do that simply by perverting the system and by destroying our institutions.
Brigitte Gabriel and Pamela Geller have serious character flaws that Democrats can’t tolerate: they’re honest.

From another commenter:

Hannity is always repeating the big lie of “religion of peace”, “radical islam”, “hijacked religion”, “peacful muslims” to the point that I consider him to be like the “controlled opposition” so often used by the Soviet Communists, meant to shunt opposition to Islam off into a dead end siding. Hannity has no understanding of what Islam is all about and should first of all be called out on that.

from Robert Spencer at JihadWatch:

“The point is that the establishment Right, especially the Republican Party and Fox News, but also including Beck to some degree, has bought into the Islamic supremacist/Leftist narrative that talking about Islam, jihad and the caliphate honestly constitutes “hatred” and “bigotry,” and has been all too willing to do the opposition’s bidding and shun those who have taken the most heat from the pro-jihad forces. Fox tries (unsuccessfully) to avoid the “Islamophobia” smear by repeating the politically correct line that this is all “radical Islam,” not the real thing, and playing the Left’s game by featuring only ex-Muslims, Christian Arabs, and self-proclaimed moderate Muslims. Beck also tries (and also fails) to avoid the same smear by regularly featuring the nation’s sole moderate Muslim spokesman, Zuhdi Jasser.”


Then there is that self-absorbed Mohammedan cow, Sabah Ahmed, (spelling?) who laughs and grins stupidly while rejecting, denying, obscuring and skirting around the  questions. She’s just annoying with her victimhood rubbish….

According to her,  Gabriel is “misguided”, (that’s in the Koran) and if Brigitte would only have some Muslim friends the jihad and all the problems with Islam would just disappear. Here is more on this slimy bitch:

Hannity Grills Heritage Panel Questioner Saba Ahmed: Why Won’t You Condemn Radical Islam?


6 thoughts on “'Radical Muslims On The March' – Hannity Investigation – Fox News”

  1. I caught Tamara ‘2 weeks in Morocco and I know Islam’, and I couldn’t believe she said something that stupid.

  2. Re: “There are right and wrong customs everywhere. I’m against a lot of the barbaric practices around the world” (but not all of them?)!

    Just the typical Argumentum Tu Quoque at work, as usual:

    “Islam isn’t an evil crime because we (i.e: you) all do it, too! Whee!”

    Even 3-yr-olds figure out that “two wrongs don’t make one of them right!”

    But not, apparently, any muslims or liberals (or other kind of criminal)!

    As if comparing two UNRELATED wrongs could somehow, magically turn one of them into a right!

    And as for Hannity himself, yeah mate – there is no “radical” or “moderate” islam; there’s only one islam, and it’s entirely ‘radical’ from the point of view of rationality and civilization, since terrorism is an entirely normative, not even remotely ‘radical,’ component of it!

    In fact, any kind of truly ‘radical’ muslim, would have to be a peaceful one!

  3. PS: for that matter, islam itself is nothing more than Muhammad’s Argumentum Tu Quoque alibi-excuse for his own criminal desires and deeds:

    “Muhammad’s evil crimes aren’t evil crimes, because “god” does them, too!”



  4. Who TF is Tamara Holder? Sheesh, what a stupid, sanctimonious, dhimmi white woman.

  5. Tamara Holder doesn’t have 1/10 of 1% of the character Brigitte Gabriel has. She deserves a Muslim husband.

    Muslims make me want to bite nails in half. What a bunch of whiny, arrogant, disingenuous slime balls.

    The left makes me ill. It scares me that so many supposedly informed people don’t have a f’ing clue.

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