"Climate Change" Causes Jihad?

If this stupidity persists, there is no reason why our society deserves to survive. This morning Greens pervert Richard di Natale just had another appearance on “our” ABC morning show babbling hysterically about “catastrophic climate change” and telling us the Great Barrier Reef is being “lost”. Dumbing down has done everything to prepare us for our self-inflicted suicide, which he calls euthanasia.

ISIS2Let’s see: we know that it couldn’t be that the jihadis think that Islamic texts and teachings justify violence and warfare against unbelievers (and apostates and heretics). And we know it couldn’t be that Sunnis in Iraq were never going to acquiesce to Shi’ite rule, and that ultimately their resentments boiled over into all-out jihad. We know that it couldn’t have anything whatsoever to do with Islam, right? So the problems in Iraq must then be attributable to global warming!

“Hot Zone: Is climate change destabilizing Iraq?,” by Eric Holthaus, Slate, June 25, 2014 thanks to Robert Spencer.

Prayer Leader Of Scotland Mosque Who “Never Ever” Showed Signs Of ‘Radicalization’ Calls Upon Muslims To Wage Violent Jihad In Iraq & Syria

Another moderate Muslim leader until … he wasn’t. “A well-integrated member of society” who “never ever” showed any radical tendencies until …… he did. Abdul Rakib Amin — who is seen in a jihadist  video — grew up in northeast Scotland, where he volunteered as a prayer caller. – See more at Pamela Geller

Dumbing down seems to be all the rage in Scotland:  “FM: Zero tolerance to demonisation of Scots Muslims”

Scotland Muslim in jihad vid, First Minister hits “demonization of Muslims”Scotland Muslim in jihad vid, First Minister hits “demonization of Muslims”

Mr Salmond said:  “The purpose of extremism is to seek to divide communities.”

No. The purpose of “extremism,” when that word is used to refer to Islamic jihad, is to establish the Islamic state and impose Islamic law.

From a poster on JW:

Salmond is a rabid leftist. If Scotland votes ‘yes’ in the referendum, he will have control of an immigration policy that will be overwhelmingly on the side of uncontrolled mohammedan immigration.

Add to that his rabid hatred of England and the English, and one sees a very troubling future for England, **and** Scotland. I just hope ”my ain folk” have the sense to vote ‘no’. Or at least to kick out Salmond.

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  1. He hates the English? So perhaps his plan is for HIS immigrant mujahadeen to fight THEIR immigrant mujahadeen and beat them. And then what? Send them home? One’s head spins…

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