The 58 mosques of Katankudy and its self-alienating 50,000 Muslim inhabitants

An excerpt from a letter written by an irritated Buddhist to Andrew Bennet, Canada’s Ambassador for Religious Freedom , Foreign Affairs, Sussex Drive Ottawa, Ontario

I notice that the Muslims in Sri Lanka are clamouring to have the UN look into why the riots happened. Good, and I like it!

Let’s find out why the Government of Sri Lanka has found it difficult to rein in the Buddhist and Muslim extremists, whether they are wearing a yellow cloth or a white cloth, as a multi-ethnic civilized society has no room for such extremism.

kattankudy-mettaipalli-mosque-rooftop-dennis-mcgilvray-1-sliderYes, let us find out why Muslims, a 10 per cent of Sri Lanka’s population are self-alienating from the majority of the Buddhist-Sinhalese who form 70 per cent of the island’s population, as reported by Dr. Ameer Ali, a prominent Islamic scholar of Murdoch University.   Why the two-and-one -half square kilometer town of Katankudy with 50,000 inhabitants, mostly of the Islamic faith in the east, as pointed out by Dr. Ameer Ali, wants 58 mosques, perhaps a concern and an irritant for the island’s majority Buddhists. Well, Andrew, to get a good handle of this kind of piety, you may want to ask the Muslims of Ottawa’s Orleans, why the Muslim population of 5,000, which represent approximately 1500 families do not have two mosques or three mosques let alone 58 mosques to justify their religious needs.   Interesting!

Yes, let us find out why Islamic extremism is spreading in Sri Lanka like wildfire. Wahhabi, Deobandi, and Mawdudist are some Islamic organizations that are active in Sri Lanka. As has been mentioned often, are there foreign hands helping these groups to prosper with the intention to destabilize Sri Lanka.   Let’s find out to whom these foreign hands belong to.

There is more, much more. Read it all.


Asoka Weerasinghe

2 thoughts on “The 58 mosques of Katankudy and its self-alienating 50,000 Muslim inhabitants”

  1. Seriously, Sheik, I don’t know why you’ve passed this shite on here.

    Asoka is a raving leftist propagandist, one of a reliable stable of five or so here who regularly get paid by our capital’s main leftist “newspaper” (as it jokingly calls its manifesto rag) to write their letters whenever they want to pretend the citizens are concerned about one of their communist tropes.

    If you’d read through to the bottom of this one, it turns out he’s blaming not only the native Sri Lankan Hindus and Christians of his own ethnic enemies (the real natives of the land) the Tamils, but also not only the USA (which almost makes sense, under Obama) but also the British (again: who knows, under Daoud al-Camoroon) and worst and most bizarrely, the current Conservative Canadian government under Stephen Harper, FOR INCITING MUSLIMS AGAINST HIM!

    In short, this massive twerp is a media whore who shouldn’t EVER be encouraged.

    Just thought you should know.


    1. Thanks for pointing it out. I knew it was not kosher, so I picked just the part with the 58 mosques for 50.000 mustards. I guess that’s as far as it goes.

      The Shoebats are also not kosher, that’s why I rarely, if ever, link to them. They had something up yesterday about Muslims and Buddhists ganging up on Christians in Sri Lanka, which has very little substance.

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