"Extremists" like Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Jean-Marie Le Pen…

Thanks to Mullah, pbuh


Show your dhimmitude, submit: “the pastor now needs to show he is truly remorseful.”

Muslim leaders urge pastor to attend Belfast anti-racism rally

Dr Raied Al-Wazzan of the Belfast Islamic Centre said the pastor’s attendance would show he was genuinely remorseful over comments he made about Islam during a sermon at Whitewell metropolitan Tabernacle last month.

More Moonbattery:

Demonisation of Muslims hurts all sections of society

Pastor James McConnell told his congregation Islam was "heathen and satanic" and a "doctrine spawned in hell"Pastor James McConnell told his congregation Islam was “heathen and satanic” and a “doctrine spawned in hell”– which brought out Mustards and multiculti loons in large numbers. I find it difficult to believe that the Irish are so clueless and stupid.

Tolerance, an under-rated virtue, is the way to guard against the worst extremes 


In praise of dhimmitude, after a Christian preacher denounced Islam as satanic:

“Tolerance” is the ultimate virtue for Martina Devlin, an “award winning”  cabbitch who scribbles for  the Irish Independent.

“This society does depend on people from ethnic and religious minorities for the day to day life of our province,” – said First Minister Peter Robinson after apologising profusely to the enraged “Muslim community”- as do all healthy societies, lectures us Martina Devlin.

Martina lectures us some more on toleration, which “helps to create a balanced society” and …John Adams. (No shiite)