Is Michael Smith Australia's First Salman Rushdie For Telling the Truth About Little Aiisha & Muhammad?

Death Treats For Michael Smith

What Michael Smith said about Muhammad is true. Muhammad did marry Aisha at six and consummated the marriage at nine. But telling the truth about Islam and Muhammad violates the sharia. Not only was he fired, but his remarks were followed by the attendant death threats by Muslims. Of course. Islamic supremacists say whatever they want. But you can’t. – See more at Pamela Geller

OK TO QUOTE THE BIBLE, SMITHY  … but not the Koran

Pickering goes there:

The wife of the prophet Mohammed was a 6 year-old girl, A’isha… she, herself, is quoted in Sahih, Book 008, Number 3310:

“A’isha, Allah be pleased with her, reported: Allah’s apostle, may peace be upon him, married me (that means betrothed) when I was six years old and I was admitted to his house (that means sexually abused) when I was 9 years old.”

Abominations in the Bible abound and the prophets of a biblical god make headlines if a child is sexually abused. But abominations of the prophet of a koranic god must not be spoken of! WTF?

Truth is the first casualty of war, and if we are at war with Islam, unfortunately we are without media prepared to report it.

More Leftist Lunacy

The Daily Caller Prescribes Ahmadiyya Islam  to Cure Jihadism

There are about 10-15 million Ahmadi Muslims in the world, out of over a billion Muslims. The chances of some large-scale conversion of Muslims to the Ahmadiyya is absolutely nil, especially since Ahmadis are widely regarded as heretics and apostates, and are violently persecuted in Pakistan and Indonesia. (Robert Spencer)

3 thoughts on “Is Michael Smith Australia's First Salman Rushdie For Telling the Truth About Little Aiisha & Muhammad?”

  1. There was a cartoon video about Mo & Aisha on youtube. Got taken down after 2 days. It also appeared on Liveleak. I posted the link at Up Pompeii which has vanished from the blogosphere (temporary problem I hope). Can’t find it now (on liveleak)

  2. Happy now, Program Manager of Radio 2GB?

    Calling Mohamed a “Diety” is BLASPHEMY!

    Sacking Mr. Smith for being factually and historically correct is vulgar and obviously also dangerous for Mr. Smith.

    These threats have to be reported to the police before they take them down from twitter etc.

  3. “Calling Mohamed a “Diety” is BLASPHEMY!”

    Not if the soldiers of allah have their way. ‘Allah’ was Mohamed’s beard, he is their diety. Insofar the program manager of 2GB is quite right.

    Mohammedans kill and die for Mohammed.

    ‘Allah’ is just a fig leaf for their obsession.

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