Is there a jihad being waged against Ukraine?

Yesterday he denied it:

Chechen leader denies sending fighters to Ukraine

Today: Kadyrov says 74,000 Chechens ‘ready to go to Ukraine’
Kadyrov says 74,000 Chechens 'ready to go to Ukraine'

Chechen leader thug in chief Ramzan Kadyrov denied sending Chechens to fight in Ukraine, but said he had 74,000 ready to go if an order is given.

And who gives the order? Well, him. Of course.

Ramzan Kadyrov commented after being asked about avenging the death of his father that “I’ve already killed him, whom I ought to kill. And those, who stay behind him, I will be killing them, to the very last of them, until I am myself killed or jailed. I will be killing [them] for as long as I live… Putin is gorgeous. He thinks more about Chechnya than about any other republic [of the Russian Federation]. When my father was murdered, he [Putin] came and went to the cemetery in person. Putin has stopped the war. Putin should be made president for life. Strong rule is needed. Democracy is all but an American fabrication… Russians never obey their laws.

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