The Wicked World of Moonbat Heroes

This Moonbat Heroine Was Never a Sex Slave

Hollyweirdo’s Angelina Jolie & Susan Sarandon, the Klintoons and every con artist from the  ‘save the…….’ (whatever needs saving that day) gravy-train were there to help her. With other peoples money, of course:

(CNN) — She was the world’s crusader against the trafficking of girls for sex in Cambodia, and she told an extraordinary personal tale: she was a village girl sold by a grandfatherly man into sex slavery.

Triumphant as well as beautiful, Somaly Mam won attention from Oprah Winfrey, a New York Times columnist, a PBS documentary, Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2009, and even CNN, which named her a “Hero” in 2007.

The fame — and her memoir “The Road of Lost Innocence” — generated millions of dollars for her Somaly Mam Foundation, fighting sex traffickers.

But her personal story wasn’t true, according to a Newsweek exposé this month.

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  1. This woman clearly lied. When the foundation asks her to leave and the director states, “their disappointed.”

    What a vile and narcissistic woman. Shame on her.

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