"Islam is actually a feminist religion"

An insult to anyones intelligence. Islam treats women like domestic animals, that’s the reality.

Islamic Da’awa in the the (hijacked) Victorian Immigration Museum

The below screenshot is from a video which ran on a wall display:

Faith Fashion Fusion: Muslim Women’s Style in Australia

Taxpayer funded largesse to make Muslims feel good about their non achievements:

faith-fashion-fusion_bannerA touring exhibition by the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

What can possibly be wrong with allowing students to visit the Victorian Immigration Museum?

Everything, if you don’t want your kids brainwashed by some Moslem sheila with full-blown Stockholm syndrome sprouting islamic propaganda with nonsense statements like “Islam is actually a feminist religion”.

Your tax dollars hard at work at

This propaganda show ran first in Sydney and is now closed in Melbourne. A group of Q supporters visited and documented the worst of it.

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