Its official now: criticism of Islam is verboten!

Accusing Arab Muslims of Bribery is “Racist”

(This is the kind of ‘racism’ that comes with the abandonment of reason.)

Qatar: UK media investigation into World Cup bribery allegations is “racist” and “Islamophobic”Qatar: UK media investigation into World Cup bribery allegations is “racist” and “Islamophobic”

“But just what is ‘racist’ about bribery?,” asks Al Arabiya — or about investigating bribery? This bizarre response from Qatar to charges that it bought the right to host the 2022 World Cup shows the hollowness of the charges of “racism” and “Islamophobia” that are constantly leveled at counter-jihadists. Just as there is nothing racist [/Comments]Continue Reading »

Cardiff: Popular Mosqueteer Described Music as a ‘Sickness’

Mosque headbangers gave extremist real Islam lectures at school– and nobody noticed a thing. Or did they?

The school classes were part of a massive outreach effort by the Al-Manar hardliners, which included stalls at a Sunday market in the city, outings for young people and classes teaching taxi drivers how to proselytise to passengers. “What’s frustrating is that everybody knows about these people,” said one community source. “They have been a thorn in this community for a while.”

Me thinks this whole community has been a thorn in the fabric of Britain for quite some time….. (Esmeralda)

Scotland: Being Ruled by Cringing Dhimmies

Scotland Muslim in jihad vid, First Minister hits “demonization of Muslims”

Scotland Muslim in jihad vid, First Minister hits “demonization of Muslims”

There should indeed be no demonization of Muslims in Scotland, and the actions of one individual should indeed not reflect upon an entire community. The statements by Salmond and Stewart, however, reflect the success of the years-long campaign by Muslim groups in the West to portray themselves as victims of counter-terror efforts. The demand that [ /Comments]Continue Reading »

There is “grooming” going on!

Thousands of underage British girls being tricked into Mohammedan sex slavery, no outrage, no riots:

Banbury: My pupils were groomed,’ claims former head-teacher (Esmeralda Weatherwax)

From the Oxford Mail, the local newspaper which has throughly reported the Operation Bullfinch cases, in contrast to many other local newspapers whose towns have been similarly blighted.

A FORMER secondary school headteacher has said she suspected her pupils were being targeted and groomed for sex in Banbury in the 1980s and ’90s. Anita Higham, Banbury School principal from 1985 to 1998, made the comments after six men – aged between 19 and 21 – were accused of abusing young teenage girls in the town from 2011 to this year. This has brought back memories for Mrs Higham of concerns she had during her time at Banbury High School.

“It seemed obvious when at lunchtime a car would come and collect people. They were men driving cars with blacked-out windows and they would encourage the girls to get in the back. And in those days there were lots of different exits from the school as there was not a fence all around the premises. The men driving the cars, I would have thought, were in their 20s. They must have been older than 17 because they were driving.

“They drove expensive cars and so I reasoned they had likely acquired them through the world of drugs. But people did not talk about grooming back then. With hindsight I do think they were being groomed. When I confronted some of the girls they usually responded with silence. My hope, if they were with their mothers, was that they would go home and have a conversation about it. But what I do remember was at the time it was very difficult to get anyone in the social services interested, or the local policeman.”

Thames Valley Police refused to comment on the former headteacher’s remarks yesterday.