"Liberals appear to show cowardice masquerading as thoughtfulness in their effort to avoid confrontations with radical Muslims."

Operation Trojan Horse: Islamist infiltration of schools feared by British 

British Prime Minister David Cameron is said to be troubled over reports describing a concerted effort by Islamic extremists to take control of United Kingdom schools, according to media reports on Sunday.

A major part of the plan is for Muslim parents to complain about their children’s treatment a British schools and the lack of sensitivity to their religious needs and other hot-button issues. They have seen time and again that liberal school administrators routinely react to their complaints favorably not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States.

“It sounds much like what CAIR [Council on American Islamic Relations] does in the United States and it works on liberals who run the education systems in the U.K. and the U.S.,” claims a university security director, Darlene Poulos, a former police detective assigned to an anti-terrorism unit. “After all, liberals appear to show cowardice masquerading as thoughtfulness in their effort to avoid confrontations with radical Muslims.”

Prime Minister Cameron, considered a conservative politician, made his remarks in the aftermath of a week of political unrest between government ministers. The infighting was the result of that Muslim-majority schools especially in the British city of Birmingham are being infiltrated by Islamists who believe in a strict interpretation of the Koran and observe a ultra-fundamentalist brand of Islam, much the same as the Salafists in Egypt, Libya and in the Sinai Peninsula.

Cameron, in an effort maintain his control of the sensitive subject matter, blasted two of the ministers over the weekend and on Monday he plans to release a press notice before the promulgation of the report by schools inspectors of their probe of a Muslim plot dubbed Operation Trojan Horse.

Secretary Michael Gove of the Ministry of Education is expected to release the findings while Ofsted, the government’s education watchdog publishes the details of Trojan Horse, according to British news outlets. On that same day Ofsted, the education watchdog for England, publishes its report regarding its own investigation into the Trojan Horse controversy.

A statement from Downing Street said:

“The prime minister has been deeply concerned by the allegations made about extremism and a number of Birmingham schools.

“The government has taken swift action to investigate these allegations since they emerged in late 2013. The prime minister is taking a specific interest in ensuring this serious matter is being dealt with effectively.”

“The prime minister has prioritized fighting all forms of extremism, including through setting up his Extremism Task Force in the wake of the horrific killing of Lee Rigby [by radical Muslims],” said the Downing Street statement.

Cameron was referring to last year’s assassination of a young British soldier, Lee Rigby, by Nigerian Muslims connected to al-Qaida and Boko Haram that occurred in broad daylight on the streets of London. The killing shocked the British Isles, according to an Examiner news story.

The Trojan Horse letter is allegedly a plan by Muslims to take control of schools in Birmingham by complaining about their leadership with accusations of forced Christian prayer and mixed gender physical education, according to the British news media.