Musel doctor tells kafir patient to “shut up”

Lack of professional performance, misconduct and dishonesty

Written byWEB REPORTER/Essex Observer

A MUSLIM doctor who took off his shoes and socks and washed his bare feet in a consultation room basin at Princess Alexandra Hospital as a patient looked on has been struck off.A Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service fitness to practise panel held in Manchester was told that Dr Fazal Haque ordered the patient to “shut up” when asked what he was doing cleaning his feet in the room in the accident and emergency department.In other news:Muslim Goes Berserk On Wife In Public: Horrendous Beating Ensues

Showing just what kind of incivility is behind the Muslim curtain, a man recently took to beating his wife in a public form of punishment. Although it is unknown what caused such a meltdown, the woman suffered slaps, punches and kicks from the man she promised forever.

Does Islam teach that a woman is worth less than a man?

The Brits need to shake him out of their school and out of England:

4 thoughts on “Musel doctor tells kafir patient to “shut up””

  1. Sorry.. I have NO sympathy for women that marry muslims.They know what they are getting into so they have to suck it up. I bet she will still defend the muslim fuckwit . Mind you , it did take a while for two blokes to intervene.

  2. And I have no sympathy for women who expect men to intervene in their defense. Thanks to the Womyns’ Movement, men have been berated, ridiculed, harassed and obstructed from doing ANYTHING chivalric, for us.

    This is not, of course, to diminish the savagery of Islam or the idiocy of [non-Muslim] women who marry Muslims.

  3. This not Islam, it’s so far away from Muslims morals and what we have been taught. So upsetting to see this
    According to the Quran, men and women have the same spirit, there is no superiority in the spiritual sense between men and women. In terms of moral, spiritual duties, acts of worship, the requirements of men and women are the same, except in some cases when women have certain concessions because of their feminine nature, or their health or the health of their babies.
    Islamic teachings are universal in nature. They respond to the needs and circumstances of diverse times, cultures and circumstances. Some measures may work in some cases and cultures or with certain persons but may not be effective in others. By definition, a “permissible” act is neither required, encouraged or forbidden. In fact it may be to spell out the extent of permissibility, such as in the issue at hand, rather than leaving it unrestricted or unqualified, or ignoring it all together. In the absence of strict qualifiers, persons may interpret the matter in their own way, which can lead to excesses and real abuse.

    Any excess, cruelty, family violence, or abuse committed by any “Muslim” can never be traced, honestly, to any revelatory text (Quran or Hadith). Such excesses and violations are to be blamed on the person (s) himself, as it shows that they are paying lip service to Islamic teachings and injunctions and failing to follow the true Sunnah of the Prophet

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