UK Madness: The exposure of a conspiracy by a fanatical minority must be no occasion to attack islam itself

Can’t blame Islam for what Islam does. Just can’t. It might be “controversial”. Or it might enrage the soldiers of allah. Imagine for a second that the Birmingham schools at the centre of the Trojan Horse plot were being run by a Christian sect. …


More of the same: Trojan Horse Debate: Faith Schools Aren’t The Problem, Extremism Is

If “extremism” was a clue bat, I would use it to  bash  the daylights out of this idiotic scribbler and all those like him who keeps harping on about it.  The ignorance and the harebrained stupidity of these journo’s is infuriating. They don’t know shiite about Islam and keep harping on about Christianity or Judaism as if its all the same. It isn’t.

From the Daily Mail, thanks to Mullah

This was the day the Cabinet spat over hostile media briefings paled into insignificance, as the true nature and scale of the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal emerged in horrifying detail.

What has this country come to, when children at supposedly secular British state schools are indoctrinated into a ‘narrow, faith-based ideology’ inspired by an extremist interpretation of Islam?


How have we reached a point where non-Muslim pupils can be excluded from publicly-funded school trips to Saudi Arabia… or where taxpayers’ money is hijacked to set up an Islamist madrassa within a non-faith academy…?

Or where girls are segregated from boys in class, and taught to see themselves as inferior citizens… music lessons and Christmas celebrations are banned…  visiting speakers preach holy war… and teachers encourage pupils to refer to Western women as ‘white prostitutes’…?

Anyone who wondered why young Britons go off to Syria to fight for the enemies of our peaceful and tolerant way of life should wonder no longer.

What is clear from yesterday’s reports is that this ruthless campaign to change the ethos and culture of our schools is no overnight development under the Coalition, as Labour’s Tristram Hunt suggested in the Commons yesterday.

It has been going on for years, as successive governments, council administrations – and, yes, Ofsted inspectors – turned a blind eye, too terrified of offending politically correct sensibilities to raise the alarm.

As Education Secretary Michael Gove stressed yesterday, the exposure of a conspiracy by a fanatical minority must be no occasion to attack Islam itself, or the millions of peaceful and patriotic Muslims who contribute so much to this country, and whose values are exemplary.

Nor should it be seized upon by the Left as an excuse to attack faith schools. Indeed, some teach responsible citizenship in ways that put many secular schools to shame.

But it must surely be the moment for politicians and officials to wake up to the perils of cultural separatism, advocated for so long by the Left in the name of human rights and multiculturalism.

Yesterday, Mr Gove struck the first blows for integration, threatening to withdraw funding from extremist schools, introduce spot-checks by Ofsted (why haven’t they been authorised before?) and to sack governors and staff who promote hostility to our way of life. He can’t act too soon.

As for his pledge to put ‘British values’ at the heart of every school’s ethos, what a disturbing reflection on our nation – in the week of the D-Day commemorations – that so many consider it controversial.

UK: Muslim school found with books promoting stoning says it’s a victim of “Islamophobia”

UK: Muslim school found with books promoting stoning says it’s a victim of “Islamophobia”

This is the world we live in: a Muslim school is found to have books suggesting stoning and lashing as appropriate punishments because Islamic law prescribes stoning and lashing as appropriate punishments. British authorities, on discovering this, are shocked, because they are bound by the Officially Mandated Cluelessness to believe that Islamic law does not […]Continue Reading »

Multiculti at work

(Actually its not multiculti, its Islam at work. And the idiotic attempts by the journaillie to conflate radical Islamic headbangers with “conservatives”must be stopped. Its perfidious and perverse.)

Andrew Bolt

British multiculturalism – and a demographic experiment that cannot be reversed:

Conservative Muslim school leaders in Britain’s second city, Birmingham, conducted an “organised campaign” to impose faith-based ideology on their pupils, Education Secretary Michael Gove says.

Clashes between Muslim governors and non-Muslim senior staff had led to a “culture of fear and intimidation” in which some head teachers felt forced to leave their jobs, leaving those remaining free to impose a narrow curriculum, the minister said on Monday.

Mr Gove was reporting the findings of two investigations into allegations of an Islamist plot to take over the leadership of state-funded schools in Birmingham with the intention of imposing a religious agenda.

The demographic experiment cannot be reversed? For heavens sake, what happened to Bolt? Is he gone soft in the brain?