Way to go!

Canadian Bare Naked Islam reader offers advice on how to deal with the growing Muslim problem in your areas

First you must educate your neighbors about what they can expect when large numbers of Muslims infiltrate their areas. While you can find posts on BNI nearly everyday that will open their eyes, any video from the below link will elicit the most shock value in the least amount of time:


abu abdurrahman al iraqi

For business owners, this link is especially helpful:

Why you should NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM

Detailed Instructions from Canadian Don L:

* The videos above are are what I show to western Canadians, this is what I show to Canadians and then show them the words and history of vicious little poisonous worms like Syed B. Soharwardy, the little Muslim puppeteer from Calgary, Alberta, with his charming little band of vulgar, illiterate, self-detonating, donkey-diddling Sand Weasels…….as thrusting their filthy arses in the air, they worship the edicts of a 7th century cowardly lunatic and pedophile and plan acts of madness here in Canada.

There is no shortage of evidence that condemns the Muslim and its Islam for the cancerous, supremacist political ideology that it is and they are. You should see the expressions on the faces of the Canadian men and women as they watch videos like this. They are stunned and terrified.

* Then we go through their neighborhoods and I point out their Muslim neighbors.

* Then we quietly go through their guest list and review the personal information, the credit information and record the same. Quite convenient really.

* Then we go though their employee files and I identify the Muslims within the company and mark them for termination of employment but only after record all the personal information including residential addresses, etc etc etc.

* Then we go through their list of business suppliers and associates and I identify the Muslim ones. They are then marked for termination of relationships.

Its all part of a larger project just now getting traction. The project that deals with detailed identification of the Muslim is just getting underway. This is part of a larger project M.A.I.D


We are moving toward a day when deportations of the Muslim will become a reality, these pilot projects merely expedite Muslim removal. You can help if you want to.


1) Take photographs and video of all Muslims in hijabs/niqabs/burqas, or wearing any traditional Muslim garb including henna dyed beards, synch that information to names (if possible) all personal information including employers, businesses frequented, places they shop, residences, credit information, vehicle make, model, colour and license plate number.

2) Record their residence both with addresses as well as GPS coordinates. In relation to this provide details regarding location of law enforcement detachments as well as street information such as dead-ends and one-ways. Be as detailed as possible.

3) When taking photographs make sure you use hi-res and try to get full frontal shots as well as decent side shots.

* Be as detailed as possible. Preserve the photographs in hi-res JPG’s and attach personal information to the photographs title.

* Understand that this work is crucial to the identification and removal of the Muslim.

* You can take your work one step farther by encouraging businesses, employers and law enforcement to sever all relations with the Muslim

* Be polite, be intelligent, be articulate and be respectful.  If you are asked to leave, leave. If you are asked questions, have the answers ready.

* You can also send the employer or business an anonymous email with the personal information of the Muslim in question and a commentary that you feel it would be in their best interests to review their relationship with that Muslim.

* Be sure to point out that the hijab/niqab/burqa are all what is known as “garment-fare” and are worn solely as a weapon of hostile, aggressive, coercive and intimidating political leverage. Point out that nowhere in the Koran or the supporting Islamic jurisprudential texts is there a commandment to wear any of these articles of clothing.

* You can also send a few photographs of the Grand Mufti Husseini sitting with Adolf Hitler and then compare the Muslim garment-fare to the wearing of the swastika by Hitler’s Brown-Shirts during the 1930′s.

As for the arguments about the elusive “Good Muslim”, I think we have covered that enough to know where we all stand. When in doubt, remember the words of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan of Turkey: “There is no radical or moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.”

Get started, talk about, fax it, email it, post it, forward it, force conversations about it. Demand it from your elected representatives.

Make it happen.

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  1. Q. 8:12 ‘(Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels, “Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so STRIKE THEM OVER THE NECKS (beheading with a knife/sword direct under the chin, where the backbone is most thinly), and smite over all their fingers and toes (amputation)”


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