Forty-one state and federal MPs have signed a strongly worded letter condemning the Israeli military's attacks on Gaza

Not good, not good at all.  A surprising number of Australian pollies had the temerity to openly side with the genocidal Hamas-Nazis. Sure, among them  you will find the usual suspects; but  some of those names should not be on that list.  Which means they are either misguided, clueless, naive or Jewhaters whom we never suspected. When it comes to Israel, there is no middle ground: you stand with the civilised man against the savage.
by Christina McIntosh
Forty-one state and federal MPs have signed a strongly worded letter condemning the Israeli military’s attacks on Gaza.

By writing a nasty letter condemning Israel’s self-defence against Jihad and accusing Australia’s Federal Government of being insufficiently supportive of the Jihad against the Jews.

And they signed their names to it, so we all know who they are.  To my surprise the only Muslim in Federal Parliament, Ed Husic, has not so far associated himself with this piece of mingled ignorance and thinly-veiled malevolence; but the two Muslims – Lebanese-background and Pakistani-background – who sit in the NSW State Parliament are, unsurprisingly, signatories.

Hamas baby shields

Here, for the information of fellow Australians here reading who may wish to squirrel the information away for future reference as required, is what the ABC had to say about it all (Eliza Borrello reporting).  Click on the link, please, as they have embedded a scribd copy of the entire letter with the list of signatories to date.

Letter from 40 MPs condemns attacks on Gaza

Gaza Conflict: MPs Condemn Israeli Attacks on Gaza, Accuse Federal Government of Being Blatantly Pro-Israel.

“Thirty state and federal MPs have signed a strongly-worded letter condemning the Israeli military’s attacks on Gaza.

If you read the letter, you will see that they do perfunctorily mention Hamas, but they do not seem particularly interested in or aware of its genocidal goals, nor in the impact on Israel of the thousands of rockets that have been fired at populated areas with the clear intention of killing as many Jews as possible, an intention foiled only by Iron Dome, Israeli civilian preparedness, and – in many cases – miraculous good luck. – CM

‘The campaign is being spearheaded by the Federal Labor member for Fremantle (port city of Western Australia – CM) and former United Nations lawyer, Melissa Parke, who lived in Gaza for two and a half years.

And who, while there, seems to have greedily gobbled up and blindly believed every lie and illusion that was there fed to her by plausible, smiling Mohammedans.– CM

‘She says she has witnessed the toll the decades-long conflict has taken on the Palestinian (sic – CM) people (= the local Arab Muslims – CM) and wants all Australian politicians to condemn the Israeli military’s latest attacks.

Ms Parke, I hope that all those Aussie politicians, state and federal, who did not sign your nasty little letter, will tell you to go to hell.  You are carrying water for people – Hamas, and their ilk, like Islamic Jihad – who hate and attack Israel because it is Jewish, because it is Infidel, because it refuses to submit to the Best of People, the Muslims.  They wish to destroy it for the same reasons as they wish and intend to destroy all non-Muslim states, everywhere. Ms Parke, you and your co-signatories are sympathising with the Enemy.     – CM

“You cannot have more than a thousand deaths (among which the single largest cohort comprises males of military age – CM) and 6,000 injuries, more than three-quarters of those being civilians (no: more than three-quarters of those are claimed or asserted, by the Muslim jihad gang bosses of Gaza, to be civilians; but that is not necessarily the case, Ms Parke; for Muslims lie – CM), and that being okay under international law, it’s simply not okay, and it’s time that that was said”, she said.

Ms Parke does have a law background, which means she should know better.  She needs to sit down and listen to Richard Kemp.  And she needs to get some perspective.  In just two days of bombing Berlin in 1943, the Allies inflicted 3000 deaths.  Israel has been bombing Gaza daily – Gaza which we are always told is “densely populated” – for two whole weeks, and has still not yet come near achieving the death toll which the Allies inflicted on Berlin in just two days (without anyone on their side suggesting that they should stop making war on Germany, because it would kill all the poor innocent German women and children).  So far as I can see, Israel is being, in fact, remarkably restrained.  – CM

‘The letter says the rockets fired from Gaza are not justified, but cannot be compared with Israel’s bombing of Gaza.

Ms Parke.  To repeat.  Israel is defending itself against a Jihad that is intended to destroy Israel utterly and either kill – or drive out – or reduce to the degradation, humiliation and perpetual physical peril of near-slave dhimmi status, every Jew (and Christian, and Samaritan) there resident. That is the bottom line.  Hamas is never going to stop. Hamas is animated by classically-Islamic hatred of Jews that long predates the restoration of a sovereign Jewish state of Israel on part of ancestral Jewish traditional land; a Quran-Sira-Hadith-based hatred of Jews that sent the Muslim mobs into the Jewish quarters to pillage, burn, rape, torture, kidnap, force-“convert” and, often, mass murder defenceless dhimmi Jews, in many parts of the dar al Islam, on many occasions between the 7th century and the 20th. I believe that Israel is in fact using far less force – in defending themselves against Hamas’ genocidal Muslim megalomania – than they can or should.  –  CM

“Israel is the occupying power (Ms Parke seems to have forgotten that Israel withdrew from Gaza years ago, leaving not one Jewish civilian nor IDF soldier there present, and would never have gone back in, had not Hamas and Islamic Jihad, etc, insisted on constantly and ever more frequently firing rockets and attempting murderous jihad ghazi raids into Israel – CM), Israel is the military might (how dare the  Jooz have better weaponry than the Jihadis!! not fair!! / SARC/ – CM) and if Israel and states like the US and Australia, which has a seat on the security council, would stand on the side of peace and justice, then I think we would see a settlement happen”, Ms Parke said.

If Ms Parke spent two years in Gaza, did Ms Parke learn the special Islamic definitions of “Peace” and “Justice”?  For in Islamspeak, “peace” = Muslims rule, everywhere, and the sharia is the only law of the land.  And “justice” is the same: Muslims rule,  everywhere, and sharia is the only law.  That is the realgrievance of Hamas and their ilk; that those damned uppity Jooz of Israel are refusing to be submissive defenceless dhimmis, and are hitting back, when Muslims attack them.  Dhimmis were not allowed to keep and bear arms; if a dhimmi was attacked by a Muslim, a dhimmi could cringe and plead and flatter and beg for mercy, or try to flee, or else simply submit, cringing, and hope the Muslim would not proceed as far as actual murder.  Muslims could hit, spit on, kick, rob, and generally bully dhimmis anytime they felt like it; but dhimmis were not allowed to hit back.  Self-defence was forbidden.  And that is the paradigm to which Ms Parke, whether she knows it or not, and her colleagues, are attempting to force Israel to conform.  Muslims must be free to attack; but Israel must never, never, never hit back, never defend itself, never hurt even a single Muslim. – CM

‘She says Australia’s position overtly favours Israel.

“It’s a blatantly pro-Israel position (and thank God for that! – CM) and I don’t think that Israel is really interested in peace”, she said.

Liar.  It would be more truthful to say that Israel is not interested in submitting to Islam.  Read the Hamas Charter, Ms Parke, and find out who wants war – Jihad – and why.  But if you have read that Charter, and know full well what is in it, and are okay with that, then you are a moral imbecile.  And I’d like to know whether, when you say “peace”, you’re using the infidel definition of “peace’, or the Muslim definition.  Israel quite rightly does not want the Muslim “peace”.  Half of the Jews of Israel lived as dhimmis – de jure or de facto – under Muslims. In Yemen, it meant that until the 1950s they lived in the condition of chattel slaves.  They were exploited, hated, and periodically mass-murdered.  They have no intention of being forced back into that Predator Pit within which, for example, the Christians of Iraq and of Egypt currently languish.  As a wise man who knew some rescued Yemeni Jews, in Israel, said once: “They would die before they would go back [into dhimmitude]. More, they would kill before they would go back.” – CM

‘Her Labor colleague, Michael Danby, who is Jewish, sees the conflict differently.

I see it differently, too, and I am not Jewish; I am Christian. – CM

“If Hamas stops firing the rockets into Israel, then I think the Israelis can cease military operations”, he said.

Exactly.  Though, now that Israel has found all those jihad raiding tunnels bored from Gaza into and under Israeli territory with clearly malevolent and hostile intent, they are going to have to find and destroy every last tunnel, before they can leave Gaza. – CM

“I don’t think anyone likes to see these civilian deaths, but we have to remember Melissa’s letter is a bit unbalanced, it doesn’t mention the fact that Hamas’ program is to destroy Israel, replace it entirely,” he said.

Yes. Well put, Mr Danby.  Suggestion: print off copies of the entirety of the Hamas Charter, and distribute – suitably highlighted (all the Quranic and Hadith passages, together with the endorsements of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion) to all those of your parliamentary colleagues who did not sign Ms Parke’s letter.  Send copies to the signatories as well, and ask them sweetly if they personally endorse Hamas’ goals, given that they are proposing a course of action that will benefit Hamas, and only Hamas, and enable it to survive and thrive. – CM

‘Mr Danby says it is important to remember the Government lists Hamas as a terrorist organisation.

“Melissa’s petition represents the Left and the Greens’ view of the world, and I think other people, other Australians, would say that the issue of Hamas and ISIS and other jihadist groups’ political orientation and what they want to achieve is also equally important”, he said.

Yes.  They are all pious Muslims waging Jihad in order to force the hated Infidels to submit; and if the Infidels – whether Jewish, as in the case of Israel, or non-Jewish, as in many other parts of the world where Muslims are attacking Infidels – will not submit, if they won’t convert or accept dhimmi status and pay jizya, they are supposed to be killed one and all. – CM

‘But western Sydney Labor MP Laurie Ferguson (one should not forget that western Sydney is where most of Sydney’s Muslims currently reside, though the most heavily Islamised suburbs of all, Auburn and Lakemba, are not within Mr Ferguson’s electorate - CM) who has signed the letter, believes the major parties are out of step with public opinion.

Really? It might be interesting to ask the Israeli embassy in Canberra how many letters of support they’ve received since the IDF started fighting back against the rocket assault from Gaza, and also it might be interesting to ask the Prime MInister and Foreign Affairs minister how many letters they’ve received from ordinary Aussie citizens, declaring support for Israel. – CM

“I went through the Timor issue where Labor and Liberal governments condoned the Indonesian occupation for 20-odd years despite Australian public opinion, I think there’s a similar pattern now”, Mr Ferguson said.

You’ve got your attempted analogy exactly the wrong way around, Mr Ferguson. It was indeed shameful that majority-Infidel Australia condoned the invasion and occupation of tiny majority-Infidel East Timor, by majority-Muslim Indonesia.  But if you supported majority-Infidel East Timor’s resistance to subjugation and occupation by majority-Muslim Indonesia, you really ought to be rooting for Israel and the IDF who are resisting Muslim attempts to terrorise, subjugate and destroy them; and not for the advance shock troops of the Ummah, the jihad gang bosses and their troops and camp followers in Gaza, who are at the moment proxies for genocidally-Jewhating Islamic Iran and equally nasty Islamic Qatar and are receiving support and praise from ever-more-openly antisemitic Muslim Turkey. As Israel at the middle eastern / Levantine edge of the de facto Empire of Islam, so Catholic East Timor at the southeast Asian; tiny Infidel nations with massive, hostile Muslim populations looming over them, against whose dominance they have had to fight to survive. – CM

‘Labor MPs have long held opposing views on the conflict, however, the party’s official position is to support a two-state solution, but also Israel’s right to defend itself.

Those Australian MPs, whether Labor or Liberal, who say they support Israel’s right to self-defence “and a two-state solution”, need to reconsider their position.   Because those two things are, in reality, mutually exclusive.  You can support one or the other, but not both.  Events in Gaza should be showing all western politicians with any brains at all, that a two-state solution that would hand the local Arab Muslims total command and control of the military high ground – Judea and Samaria, and Mount Zion and the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem – cannot be supported by anyone who wants Israel to survive and thrive; because such a “solution” would destroy Israel’s capacity to defend itself against the onslaught of Jihad that would, sooner or later, and probably sooner, be launched upon it from within any “Islamic Arab State of ‘Palestine'”. - CM


Andrew Bolt:

All sides means hard left for Fairfax

The Sydney Morning Herald headline:


The story:

The politicians, from federal and NSW Parliaments, representing the Greens and Labor parties, said Australia should support a United Nations inquiry into alleged violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws.

All sides of politics Fairfax can see with its left eye


It is worth pointing out a chronology and causality that much of the media will overlook in the rush to condemn Israel:

THE ISRAELI army is to resume its raids on Gaza after Hamas rejected an extension to the 12 hour truce and continued firing rockets.

“Following Hamas’ incessant rocket fire throughout the humanitarian window, which was agreed upon for the welfare of the civilian population in Gaza, the IDF will now resume its aerial, naval and ground activity in the Gaza Strip,” an army statement said.


Fairfax actually claims the conflict started when Israel fought back:

The conflict began when Israel launched an operation to stamp out rocket fire from Gaza.


4 thoughts on “Forty-one state and federal MPs have signed a strongly worded letter condemning the Israeli military's attacks on Gaza”

  1. Here is the letter in plain text. Know your enemies who stand with Islam and terrorism:

    25 July 2014

    We the undersigned members of Australian federal and state parliaments, call on all Australian politicians to condemn the ongoing Israeli military bombardment and invasion of Gaza. We call on Australian politicians to support an immediate cessation of hostilities and a ceasefire deal which includes an end to Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories and to the blockade of Gaza. We call on all Australian politicians to also support the United Nations Human Rights Council’s decision to launch an independent inquiry into purported violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem. Over 1000* Palestinians in Gaza have been killed, since Israel started its military attack on Gaza three weeks ago. The United Nations says at least 75 per cent of the dead are civilians, including an estimated 168 children. In the last two days, Palestinian children have been killed at a rate of one per hour. The rockets fired from Gaza are not in any way justified and insofar as they threaten and harm civilians are illegal under international law. However, these imprecise rockets cannot be compared with the broad-scale bombing of Gaza by Israel which has one of the world’s largest military forces.

    Collective punishment is not permitted under the Geneva conventions and is a war crime. Hospitals, places of worship, and a centre for people with disabilities have been among the Israeli military’s targets.
    The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is providing shelter to more than 102,788Palestinians in the Gaza Strip .The international community including Australia has a vital responsibility to put pressure on Israel to end its current military attack on Gaza and broker a solution of justice and peace.

    *updated 27 July 2014

    Signed by

    1. Maria Vamvakinou MP
    2. Melissa Parke MP
    3. Laurie Ferguson MP
    4. Alan Griffin MP
    5. Sharon Claydon MP
    6. Adam Bandt MP
    7. Barbara Perry MP
    8. Andrew Giles MP
    9. Paul Lynch MP
    10. Jamie Parker MP
    11. Lynda Voltz MLC
    12. Shaoquett Moselmane MLC
    13. David Shoebridge MLC
    14. Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC
    15. Dr John Kaye MLC
    16. Jeremy Buckingham MLC
    17. Jan Barham MLC
    18. Senator Claire Moore
    19. Senator Nick Xenophon
    20. Senator Christine Milne
    21. Senator Lee Rhiannon
    22. Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
    23. Senator Larissa Waters
    24. Senator Janet Rice
    25. Senator Richard Di Natale
    26. Senator Penny Wright
    27. Senator Rachel Siewert
    28. Senator Scott Ludlam
    29. Senator Peter Whish-Wilson
    30. Senator Sue Lines
    31. Tammy Franks MLC
    32. Graham Perrett MP
    33. Senator Anne Urquhart
    34. Terri Butler MP
    35. Julie Owens MP
    36. Lisa Chesters MP
    37. Senator Gavin Marshall
    38. Senator Anne McEwen
    39. Senator Carol Brown
    40. Senator Doug Cameron
    41. Cassy O’Connor M

    Australian politician who would like to add their name to this letter may contact the office of Melissa Parke or Senator Lee Rhiannon: or

  2. Now comes the news that France has given indication that it will accept Iraqi Christians.

    The objective should not be to give asylum to Iraqi Christians, thus helping Islam to clear all Christians from Arabia, as Mohammed desired, but to create new states in the region for Christians only. Similarly for Shias, Sunnis etc. Its already happening, except for Christians.

    Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the gulf states, were created by Britain awhile back.The old British demarcation of boundaries and states, is past its useful life. The entire region needs to have its borders redefined.

    We have the power if we want to. If we ever had the courage to do so, it will gut Islam, and restore peace in the region.

  3. “…a former United Nations lawyer, Melissa Parke, who lived in Gaza for two and a half years.”

    Astonishing. A “United Nations lawyer”. That alone should set off the alarm bells. It would be difficult to survive 2 weeks as a UN lawyer in Gaza without a certain mental baggage, for it takes a certain propensity, a different worldview, to live among the Arabs. That Parke lived there as a western female, blond and clueless, is an impossibility. The hatred, the genocidal Jewhatred is palpable, not only in Gaza, but everywhere in the OIC controlled UN. I suspect Melissa Parke did not just put up with it, she identifies with it. She must live it, breathe it, it must be part of her. Otherwise she wouldn’t have lasted there for two and a half years.

  4. Yesterday, when I came across this letter in which a whole bunch of Useful Idiots and/ or Jewhaters have handily “outed” themselves, I amused myself by going to the websites of the Federal Parliament and of the NSW Parliament and checking them out – not just their political affiliations but their electorates and stuff like their cvs and how old they are. I encourage others here to do likewise. **Research them**. Read their maiden speeches. One of them is a wine-grower and has worked in the financial sector…doesn’t he even know that siding with Hamas means he is siding with people who anathematise both interest and alcohol??

    Lee Rhiannon and Nick Xenophon are known antisemites – they have “form” – and Melissa Parke probably is also, given that she went off to Gaza for two years. The two Muslims would be antisemites also.

    Many of the others, I suspect, are just woefully ill-informed Useful Idiots; they need a good sharp shock to shake them out of the trance into which they have fallen.

    The majority of them are relatively young; most of them too young to remember either the 1967 war, when Israel undertook a preemptive strike in the face of rapidly escalating aggressive moves by Egypt and by other Muslim neighbours, nor even the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when – on *the* holiest day of the year for Jews – the Muslims surprise-attacked, massively, on all fronts and came far too close to achieving the annihilation of Israel.

    I myself, born in late 1963, do not of course remember 1967, for I was only three going on four when it happened; and although I turned ten in November 1973, and although my father and mother were quite pro-Israel (Dad had a copy of Leon Uris’ “Exodus”, which is where I first learned about the Shoah, and where I encountered a semi-fictionalised account of the restoration of Israel which gave me a broad outline of the history – the continuing Jewish attachment to the land, the 19th century Zionists, Orde Wingate [fictionalised by Uris under a different name] the UN vote for partition, the battle for survival, the ingathering of the Jews from “Arab” lands including the rescue of the Jews of Yemen), I do not remember any actual family discussions of the events of 1973. We had no TV, only radio, nor did we get the daily newspaper, only the Sunday Mail on the weekend, and at age 9 I didn’t read the newspapers.

    I did History in a good high school, but I don’t recall being taught anything about the establishment of the modern Jewish state, nor about the wars launched against it by the surrounding Arab Muslim entities.

    So if these young and early-middle aged fools, who are either about ten-fifteen years younger than I am, or are at most ten years older (the oldest that I could find, was born in 1953), had a similar sort of life experience, it would depend on what they learned “extra-curricular”, in family, school and at university, and the media, as to which way they chose to jump.

    I would guess that most people from my generation onward are woefully ill-informed, and have been subjected to overt and covert pro-Islam and pro-Muslim and anti-Israel propaganda ever since they were about ten, mostly via the mass media, but also through academe. (And people who are unchurched, and have never read the Bible, know *nothing* of the fact that, for example, Jesus was born in “Bethlehem of Judaea”, NOT in “Palestine”, nor do they know that Hebron and Beer Sheba were towns in Israel long, long before Arab Muslims arrived on the scene). Unless one is particularly independent-minded, or by happenstance one has encountered something strong enough to crack the paradigm, one is in grave danger of being deceived. Perhaps we should be celebrating the fact that, so far, there are *only* 41 signatures…

    There is a crying need for a translation into English of Jacques Ellul’s Un Chretien Pour Israel (1983), *especially* to try to reach those who like to consider themselves revolutionaries and radicals and champions of the underdog, and who are therefore susceptible to the Myth of the Poooor “Palestinians”. It is the one book out of Ellul’s oeuvre that has *not* been translated into English. Reading it in French in the 1990s rendered me impervious henceforward to all the usual anti-israel nonsense and lies that the Muslims and their dhimmi water-carriers are wont to peddle. Watching Ellul fastidiously and meticulously analysing and critiquing the Muslim (and, too, in 1983, Soviet) anti-Israel propaganda was like watching a great surgeon anatomising a cancer for the benefit of a class of medical students.

    Incidentally, whenever I hear people rabbiting on about how Fatah are supposedly “moderate”, I remember Ellul’s analysis of the 1968 PLO Charter, clause by clause, at the end of which he drew the conclusion that it was “a perfect expression of the Jihad”.

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