France: Is Taubira Royalty?

I checked: the crime of Lèse-majesté is not on the books of the French Republic, which has a reputation for chopping off royal heads, even though that was quite a while ago. Strangely, the new republic, the socialist republic of France, is bringing it back.

Nine months in jail for offending Taubira

A candidate for the Front National in the municipal elections, posted on her Facebook page a photo of minister of Justice Christiane Taubira next to a photo of a baby monkey, with captions indicating that the baby monkey was really Taubira at 18 months. Leclere insisted it was done for humor, that the picture had been posted by someone else, and that there was no racism involved, but the ensuing scandal led Marine Le Pen to remove her from the party on December 3.

Anne-Sophie Leclere has been sentenced to nine months in prison, fined 30,000 euros and barred for five years from holding office. The Front National and Leclere together were fined 50,000 euros in damages. The verdict came from the court of grand instance (a lower court) of Cayenne, capital of Guyana, home of Christiane Taubira.
Christiane Taubira monkey 2This frivolous lawsuit has ramifications that are anything but frivolous. The courts are the means by which minority groups become powerful enough to dominate the educational, political and cultural institutions of a country, and eventually to take over. Christiane Taubira, as minister of Justice, has used her own personal political party to undermine a legitimate political party she hates and that threatens her position. And she has duped the people into believing she was insulted racially, when it is more likely that she seized the opportunity to pretend to be offended, and to exact her revenge. (Gallia Watch has the story)


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  1. No, it’s just Taubira. I dont know what she is blackmailing the Government with (mind you, it is corrupt, extreme left and very much infested with nasties), but she is systematically destroying France. She is the nastiest piece of anti-white Racist of the lowest order, she has launched the attack on this poor french woman, who is a little on the Bogan side, but it’s mainly that Taubira wants to destroy Le Front National. She has also completely emasculated the French Police, who are not allowed to stop Muslims/Arabs/Sub-saharan Africans to check their identity. “La canaille” (Criminal thugs) are immune from incarceration if they are “immigrant and non-white”. This is serious – she has managed to get this in Law. And now she has just managed to introduce yet another law i.e. to give them immunity until the age of 21.

    89% of violent crimes (including murder) are committed by muslims/arabs/sub-saharan africans and they are committed by recidivists. These are the guys that Taubira protects. She says “because they carry the stigma of former colonisation on their shoulders.

    She has also headed a Judiciary (not is her judiciary fully politicised – extreme left, but also fully corrupt). These magistrates (some of which were there to condemn this poor French woman) have created what they called “Le Mur des Cons” (literally translated: ‘the wall of cunts”.

    On it they have posted pictures of every conservative and of people they had judged or who were witnesses. These included 2 fathers of girls that had been pack raped, tortured and murdered by gangs of “muslim/arab/african” migrants and the fathers had been very unhappy with the perpetrators being let off easy (protégés of Taubira).

    When this “Mur des Cons” was discovered by a journalist who put it online, it became a serious scandal. When the “law” intervened, this “mur des cons” disappeared – i.e. THE HIGHEST JUDGES IN THE LAND HAD ELIMINATED EVIDENCE . All directed by TAUBIRA.

    I consider this nasty ugly creature one of the biggest dangers for France.

    End rant.

  2. PS: btw, she had some very shady real estate dealings, on the border of criminal (I dont know which side of that border) in her native Guyana. She also got her son off some criminal charges. And she is quite openly and shamelessly installing all her “friends” and even “Lovers” in positions of power within the department of Justice.

  3. “Political satire is illegal in France.”

    From Jon Sobiesky above.

    The cartoon below left was published in October 2013 by Charlie Hebdo. So far, the Walwari have not filed a suit against editor-in-chief Charb, below right, who explains, “Yes, but I’m a left-winger.”

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