Vienna paper calls Vienna imam 'hate preacher'. Hate preacher sues and wins…


The imam of a radical mosque sued the Viennese daily newspaper  “Today” for calling him a “preacher of hate”. According to the paper, he  radicalised two girls who have gone off (to wage jihad in Syria) for quite some time.  The 32-year-old imam has sued for libel and won. The preacher who goes under the name “Ebu Tejma” was awarded a compensation of 2,500 euros for the second claim. The judgment is not final.

Jihad Poster Girls: Two Austrian Teens ‘In Syria Fighting for Islamic Rebels’

Screenshot-2014-04-20-at-8.30.37-AMIn other news:


These reports are daily now. Walking down a street Jewish in any major European city is dicey, risky — It’s a good thing the British authorities banned Robert Spencer and me from speaking in the UK mainly because of our unwavering support of Israel and opposition to jihad. Muslims are attacking Jews in  San Francisco, […]READ MORE  – See more at:

German police fear Muslims: “I hope I get out of here in one piece”German police fear Muslims: “I hope I get out of here in one piece”

Translated from Welt with the help of Birte and Sandra, via Police are increasingly complaining about attacks and lack of respect from citizens. A Turkish official from Duisburg tells why migrants are especially problematic. Multiculturalism has failed. When the patrolman Kalle B. gets out of his patrol car, he must be ready for anything. […]Continue Reading »

2 thoughts on “Vienna paper calls Vienna imam 'hate preacher'. Hate preacher sues and wins…”

  1. It looks “impressive” but it is still a small minority.
    Keeping harassing… Europe will really switch to Right.
    Multiculturalism has failed but not for all.
    Constitutional rights should be calibrated and applied conditionally to the rule of reciprocity. The RIGHT will get there, but not sure Europe will avoid the other well known extreme. Marie Le Pen seems moderate and objective, but other RIGHT could prove otherwise. There is some degree of risk. What will happen when the disciplined German Nation will decide to upgrade the civilised current self-control and tolerance?
    I don’t believe the mistakes of the past will be easily repeated… but a disciplined nation under threat should never be underestimated.

    Jihadist in Europe play surely with fire, as the meekness and silence [possibly even fear] of the European People should not be understood as weakness!

  2. @Byron,

    Some very good points.

    IMHO, the Neocommunist in the EU have deliberately set up the Germans to take the fall, when ever it occurs.

    They, the EU and other Lefties can all pretend that Europe is one big happy family and the past is in the past. However, the truth is that the memories of WW2 are there, just under the surface and all it takes is an political/social event to occur for it to come to out in ugly ways.

    Here is one such example:

    Additionally, the fact that they, the EU have set up the Germans so, also illustrates that even they have not forgotten WW2.

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