George Brandis may target returning jihadists with retrospective laws

Leftoids from the Guardian don’t like this.

David Irvine and George Brandis
Asio chief David Irvine, left, and the attorney general, George Brandis, speak at a media conference in Canberra on Wednesday. Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAP

The Abbott government will consider retrospective laws to deal with the risk posed by jihadist fighters returning to Australia, after a first round of national security reforms boosting the powers of intelligence agencies and punishing officers who remove secret material.

In other news:

Another Ahmed Walks Away


668502-50a014b6-0ba8-11e4-a510-9f89e2418c8bAccording to Sharia Law a Christian woman is worth only a quarter that of a Muslim man. There is no equality in ISLAM. The punishment for her loss of life being “accidentally killed” by a Muselmaniac would have only been punitive. THE woman he is accused of mowing down and then failing to help is dead, but that did not stop Ahmad Saraya from smiling ear-to-ear when he walked free from prison on bail.

Which reminds us of the execrable “Lord” Ahmed who served (only) 16 days in jail after it was disclosed that he had been sending and receiving text messages minutes before killing  Martyn Gombar, a 28-year-old Slovakian  in 2007 after his stationary car was hit by Lord Ahmed’s Jaguar.

Lord-Ahmed_2194344bIn typical Mohammedan fashion,  this Paki dog (Ahmed) blamed a “Jewish conspiracy” for the prison sentence he received for that fatal motorway crash he caused.



2 thoughts on “George Brandis may target returning jihadists with retrospective laws”

  1. Will retrospective laws fix Australia’s islam Muhammadan Problem ?
    Absolutely NOT NOT NOT !

    You already Know – Only THIS will fix Australia’s islam Muhammadan Problem ! ….
    1. Incarcerate all Politician and Political Dhimmis(Assistors/Enablers/Traitors/Seditionists).
    2. Stop ALL Muhammadan immigration to Australia.
    3. Expel ALL Muhammadans from Australia.
    4. Expel ALL unwilling to go Muhammadans.
    5. Bulldoze ALL islam’s “Mostgrotesques”.
    6. Expel ALL -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis” from Australia.
    7. Expel ALL unwilling to go -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis“.

    So fix “The Problem”
    Then – it has to be “Goodbye” islam.

  2. We must oppose Islam, but if we abandon our principles in the process, evil wins anyhow.

    I do not know what law they want to pass retrospectively, but I consider retrospective legislation to be wrong, as a matter of principle.

    If we allow retrospective legislation to be imposed once, what stops them doing so again, later? Who then would be safe from being prosecuted for actions that were legal when they were committed but became illegal afterwards?

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