"Muslims are the greatest victims of terrorism…?"

Hussein Obama holds hour-long meeting with a group of “scholars and activists”

Al Sharpton, “the Schlong”, was invited:

10375900_873564252673355_3766958350408487802_n-1Its an Obama world: when looters and moochers pat themselves on the back and plan their next attack. Al Sharpton had to be there…!

It’s not humane to your own society to give blood to the enemy trying to murder you.

Abbas Refuses Israeli Blood Donation as IDF Resumes Bombing Gaza–Israel tells Hamas, “Your wish is our command.”

In other news:

It’s a Mads Mads world

Dr. Mads Gilbert is well known in Norway as a far-left political activist who, according to Norwegian news reports, openly supports “bloody” revolutions. He joined the Workers’ Communist Party (AKP), now known as the Red party, in the 1970s, and in 2009 ran as the 14th-ranked candidate on the Red party list for elections in Troms. The party calls for revolution to “disarm the bourgeoisie.”

This al Qaeda propagandist is now being promoted by UNRWA .More here thanks to the Tundra Tabloids

I worry when I see the likes of Mads Gilbert being taken seriously.  Gilbert is part of the Hamas propaganda machine. (Israel Matzav)

Back to Gaza:

Israel targets homes of senior Hamas leaders

In Gaza, Families LIving On Permanent Handouts, With Five, Eight, Ten Kids

Your taxpayer dollars at work!

US Hunts for Al Qaeda-Trained Norwegian Bomb-Maker

State Department: Anders Dale Can Make Bomb-Belts, IEDs, Car Bomb Explosives, ABC News

Arab commentator: ‘Arab leaders praying Israel gets rid of ‘Palestinians’ once and for all’

Are the Arab leaders tiring of their own false creation? That’s what Arab news commentator Abd al-Bari Atwan says in this interview on Lebanese television. (Carl)

Faster, faster….

One thought on “"Muslims are the greatest victims of terrorism…?"”

  1. So who are the biggest Traitors/Seditionist of their own Civilisations ?

    1. The Politicians and Politicals who Assist and Enable islam ?
    2. The Citizens who CONTINUE to allow the Treason and Sedition of their Politicians and Politicals ?

    Obviously it is 2.
    Point 2 has to FIX point 1.

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