"Islamophobia", Interfaith Delusions and Mohammedan Cultural Enrichment in the House of Lords

This video is a historical document like no other.

It documents how a once great nation was infiltrated and handed over to Mohammedan cultural enrichers on a silver plate without any objections. It  documents hair-raising ignorance about Islam, a pig-headed, deep rooted and unquestioned belief that all religions are the same and that there is nothing worth protecting.

Devastating. Beyond comprehension. The British House of Lords is now controlled by the enemies of reason. This whole madhouse has to go. The British people deserve better.

Baroness” Warsi, House of Lords, “Abrahamic” rubbish and inter-faith scams (July 8 2014)

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This video also covers “interfaith marriage”British Lord says Christians should marry Muslims to combat “Islamophobia”

Lord Scott is no doubt unaware that Muslim women are forbidden to marry non-Muslim men, and even if he is aware of this element of Islamic law, he almost certainly doesn’t realize its supremacist intent — that the non-Muslim community is meant to decline while the Muslim community flourishes. In any case, if he thinks […] / Comment/Continue Reading »

The Noble Lords and Their Incredibly Important Points

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We reported yesterday on Richard Rashleigh Folliott Scott, Baron Scott of Foscote, known jocularly by his old public school chums as “Richie ‘Pay the Jizya and Willingly Submit’ Scott”.

OK, so I made that last part up. But still…

Lord Scott caught the attention of certain xenophobic media outlets when he rose in the House of Lords and suggested that the problem of Islamophobia might be successfully addressed if more people were encouraged to enter into “interfaith marriages” with Muslims, as his own children had done. “Interfaith”, in the case of the Scott family, meant “converting to Islam before marrying”. However, no one in the Lords was so indelicate as to point out that his familial examples could hardly be characterized as “interfaith” marriages.

If you are an enemy of western civilisation, sit back and enjoy this video of the exchange in the House of Lords on July 8, 2014. The discussion is led by Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, Baroness Warsi, the Senior Minister of State, Department for Communities and Local Government and Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Notice that during all the incredibly important points made by the noble lords and noble ladies and noble friends and right reverend comrades, not a single murmur of dissent is raised against the prevailing orthodoxy. No one questions the wisdom of Multiculturalism or the mass immigration of Muslims into Britain. No one points out that the goal of “integration” is a laughable chimera, given the violent crime-ridden, “sharia zones” that have been established in all major British cities and towns. Not one of these esteemed, honored, incredibly important noble souls is willing to break ranks and describe the condition of the country as it really is, much less propose any possible remedies for the degraded situation of Her Majesty’s 21st-century realm.

God help Britain — because only divine intervention could have any hope of success at this point.


More on Lord Scott, thanks to Hugh Fitzgerald:



After all, if a Christian becomes a Muslim, he will no longer be susceptible to “Islamophobia.” By extension, the more non-Muslims in the United Kingdom convert to Islam, the fewer the possibilites for “Islamophobia.” The logic here is impeccable. But what else would you expect from someone of Lord Scott’s impeccable background?

Some of that background is here;

“Lord Justice Scott, bridge-player, opera lover, fox- hunter, conservative with a small ‘c’, whose soubriquet in the Court of Appeal is ‘the human dynamo’, and who was once described as a graceful adornment of the Establishment, is exhibiting an independence and intellectual rigour that has evidently surprised and alarmed the politicians.

They should have known better. The judge who tried the Spycatcher case and made the landmark ruling in 1987 that ministers could not gag forever the loquacious former MI5 agent Peter Wright (a judgment now overtaken by secrecy legislation), was scarcely a man to do the Cabinet’s dirty work. He was the choice of the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Taylor, but Downing Street approved the appointment. Now they are huffing and puffing over his investigative style, hinting that it was not what was intended – and that perhaps it is not even just. The rubbishing of the Scott Report seems to have begun even before it has been written.

THIS may be good sport, but it is unlikely to be wise politics. Richard Scott is a product of the old school, the gentlemanly one that pre-dates the current brand of Conservativism. He was born on 2 October, 1934, in Dehra Dun, a British army garrison town in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, where his father, Tom Scott, was a lieutenant-colonel in the 2/9th Gurkha Rifles. Both Richard Scott’s grandfathers had been clergymen in Bedfordshire. His early days were spent in Peshawar, near the North West Frontier, during the Indian summer of the Raj. His father, a brilliant horseman, rode Lucifer to victory in the Lucknow Grand National. The family spent summers in the coolness of the mountains of Kashmir.

The imperial idyll was interrupted in 1942, when Tom Scott, a veteran of the campaigns of Gallipoli and Mesopotamia, where he had been wounded, quit the Indian Army on medical grounds and migrated with his family to South Africa. They settled on a 500-acre dairy farm at Mooi in Natal province, and young Scott was sent to Michaelhouse College, a public school on the English model, where he proved a first-rate scholar and sportsman. He boxed, played rugby, sprinted, excelled in debating and appeared as Antonio in The Tempest.

He went to Cape Town University (where he met a student destined to become Lord Justice Hoffmann, another Court of Appeal judge) and then, on a Commonwealth Scholarship, to Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took a first and won a rugby Blue – wing forward – in 1957. A year teaching at the University of Chicago followed. There he met Rima Ripoll, a flamenco dancer born in New York and whose Panamanian mother was a former Ziegfeld girl who had danced in the Paris Folies. On his return to Britain, they married in 1959, after he landed a studentship at Denis Buckley’s Inner Temple chambers. They have two sons and two daughters.

Scott joined the Chancery Bar, took silk in 1975, and within seven years had been elected Chairman of the Bar at 48. During his term he introduced ethnic monitoring to the profession, with the aim of increasing the numbers of black barristers. ”

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  1. All questions and answers in the house, are scripted. This is a charade, and Warsi is Cameron’s useful idiot.

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