It’s over: Genocide has been accomplished in Mosul


“It’s terrible. This is shameful for the international community.”

Indeed it is — that is, the international community’s indifference is shameful. But it is all in the service of “dialogue,” doncha know. Remember: “Talk about extreme, militant Islamists and the atrocities that they have perpetrated globally might undercut the positive achievements that we Catholics have [Interfaith outreach in the caliphate: Islamic State burns down seat of Syrian Catholic Archeparchy of Mosul]  /Comments/Continue Reading »

MOSUL: Genocide…

After two thousand years, it is finished. It’s over. Who will pay for the lasting damage lying Western politicians created by starting a process that would lead to what not even the first Islamic rulers, thirteen centuries ago, ever did, the obliteration of Christian life and populations? “Revenge is mine, and I will repay them in due time.” His judgment over this generation and their rulers will be overwhelming and frightful.

In Mosul, genocide has been accomplished. Where’s the outrage? There’s no more outrage, just silence – cut by sounds of blades, gunshots, bombs, and the muezzin’s loud calls to prayer.

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  1. Jihadists stone Syria woman to death for ‘adultery’: NGO;_ylt=A7x9UkgYP8pTNxEAqpV3Bwx.;_ylu=X3oDMTByNGxmazk4BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2lyZAR2dGlkAw–?.tsrc=samsungwn

    Read the comments. Even yahoo readers get it.


    Why banning Sharia courts would harm British Muslim women –
    – written by a Muslim convert

    Again read the comments.

    The tide has turned. Its now a matter of time before some party launches a boat to catch the tide.

  2. And dont think it wont happen in Europe. It will. With Muslim growth vastly greater then Europeans, figure it out.

    PS: Mosul is where ancient Ninevah was. ISIS freedom fighters supported by the US and the UK, have reportedly destroyed the tomb of Jonah. They are also stoning women to death, and others sharia compliant acts of jurisprudence.

  3. Political correctness is the scourge of our generation. Rather than face and speak out against man’s repeated inhumanity towards man it is easier to hide, to avoid seeing because intervention to end genocide and ethnic cleansing requires more than denial or expressions of moral relativism. It requires national commitment to intercede to stop,such wanton acts of violence; sacrifices in blood and treasure that most nations avoid, preferring the simplicity of moral, legal and spiritual blindness while the innocent suffer and die; while demagoguery rules the day promoting anti-semitism and other hatreds. The UN continues to demonstrate its inherent corruption and hypocrisy and has long abandoned the Declaration of the Rights of Man and its own Convention against Genocide. The UN long gone down the same path as its predecessor, the now long defunct League of nations. Society seems to be following the same trajectory.

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