Taj Hargey, Oxford Imam, Tries Out His Taqiyya To See If Anyone Salutes

British Muslims “disown” the Woolwich murderers, and such extremists should be “totally demolished” in UK society – but in order to do that, the UK must change its “illegal” foreign policy, imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation Dr. Taj Hargey told RT.– by Hugh Fitzgerald


Why I, as a Muslim, am launching a campaign to ban the burka in Britain

The burka is just another weapon in the jihadist arsenal of misogyny, like forced marriage, female genital mutilation and sexist discrimination. It should have no part in British society, where women are supposed to be treated as equal citizens. By tolerating it, we are allowing a form of gender apartheid to grow in our midst. (by Esmerelda Weatherwax)

More taqiyya from Taj Hargey, Oxford Imam:

“…you know, we had this issue of Muslim pedophile gangs… in Oxford – they were convicted, thankfully. So, last week it’s pedophilia, this week it’s terrorism – so there is an escalating tendency to label all Muslims either as terrorists or pedophiles. So the right-wing British national party, and English Defence League, and other fascist groups are obviously taking advantage of this.”

“So it’s incumbent on the mainstream majority Muslims to tackle this, and say, firstly, we disassociate ourselves totally from all forms of pedophilia, and, secondly, terrorism is not part of Islam. And whatever is engaging in violent bloodshed and terrorist activities – we disown you, and you can’t do that in our name… You don’t kill someone in the name of God, Islam condemns that… it’s pure blasphemy.”

Taj Hargery is lying.  The fundamental teaching of the Koran is the extermination of “infidels.” His  duplicitous posturing is called taqiyya. The meaning of taqiyya is permission to tell out right lies to protect, defend and advance Islam until it dominates.

Taj Hargery may respond to that.

One thought on “Taj Hargey, Oxford Imam, Tries Out His Taqiyya To See If Anyone Salutes”

  1. islam’s submitters are commanded to promote islam – by …..
    • kitman (deception of non-Muhammadans – lying by omission).
    • Taqiyya (deception of non-Muhammadans – by outright lying).

    Nothing but lies lies lies (all with omissions) from islam!

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