A Mosque With A Muzzle

 Attempt to ban political discussion about Bendigo mosque permit “may be unconstitutional”, says judge


Dr Sheriffdeen said any conditions imposed on the mosque development should be consistent with what would be imposed on any other place of worship in Australia.

“If they’re building a church, would the regulatory body put a condition that you can’t talk about politics?” Dr Sheriffdeen said. “This is exactly what we want, whatever the rule that they would apply we would expect for us.”

A case of mental illness?

SYDNEY man stabbed his wife to death just weeks after converting to Islam — claiming he did it in the name of Allah,” The Daily Telegraph link to the story is dead, this is from Pamela Geller.

Mann v Steyn:

Sex Slaves 

They were helping out *at a refugee camp*. Were these well-meaning girls really that clueless?

Syria: Jihadists kidnap two female Italian aid workersSyria: Jihadists kidnap two female Italian aid workers

These girls appear to be surpassingly naive, but the fault does not lie with them: they have almost certainly been taught nothing about Islam except that it is a Religion of Peace that inspired a great civilization and numerous inventions and innovations.

They were almost certainly never taught that the kidnapping of Infidels is justified in the Qur’an (47:4) and Islamic law.

“Two female Italian aid workers who ignored their parents’ pleas and snuck into Syria have been kidnapped by Islamist militants,” by John Hall, Daily Mail, August 14, 2014

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One thought on “A Mosque With A Muzzle”

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    What don’t you Vile Murderous Criminal Muhammadans understand about the word no …
    No …. Australians do not want a Mosque in Bendigo – Period.
    No …. Australians do not want Mosques in Australia – Period.
    No …. Australians do not want Muhammadans in Australia – Period.

    Yet you continue to Villify Threaten and Assault Australians who openly defy and object to you and your False “Religion” and your Political ideological Vile Murderous Criminal Cult – and continue to get away with these criminal acts.

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