What Keeps Uthman Badar in Australia If its "Noble" to Wage Jihad For the Kilafah?

 On a tip from the Q-Society:
Hizbuttnik Uthman Badar encourages young Muslims to wage jihad in the name of Islam. Islamophobic kafirs are disabused; Badar accuses us  that “a selfless sacrifice to assist the oppressed is being criminalised.’
The Abbott government would be wise to follow advice from Uthman Badar and review the policy of seeking to prevent Muslims from travelling to fight in Syria and elsewhere.Leaving the country should be actively encouraged. Free flights and a one-off bonus should be paid to every right-believing Muslim who wishes to fight in the way of Allah and who signs the required waiver. 

Islamic headbanger leader says it’s ‘NOBLE’ for Aussies to fight in Syria, but won’t go himself….

The Australian arm of a hardline Islamist group has blasted a government decision to block Muslims from going over to fight in Syria. In a statement following an SBS Insight program about ISIS on Tuesday, Mr Uthman Badar from the Hizb ut-Tahrir described fighters in Syria as ‘noble’.

The alternative reality stinks to high heaven:

‘When will SBS do a show that begins with US and Australian soldiers mutilating dead Afghans, urinating on corpses and killing civilians as sport?’

  • Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir blasts government decision to crack down on Syrians
  • Flowery statement comes in response to SBS program on Tuesday
  • Accuses Insight program of ‘showing Muslims and Islam as the problem’
  • Group spokesman Uthman Badar was scheduled to give talk ‘Honour Killings are Morally Justified’ at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas
  • Hizb ut-Tahrir wants to establish a global caliphate but ‘does not support ISIS’
  • Abbott Government may ban the organisation


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    1. SHY is getting on. In Iraq they’re selling virgins for $10 dollars. How much would the bludgaheddin pay for her?

  1. They should give them their passports and let them go – just do not allow them back.

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