ASIO boss says government is fighting terrorism, not Islam

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Combating the Islamic State


What can the government do to counter the threat posed by ISIL extremists? Analysis with David Wroe and Chris Hammer.

Australia’s top spy has launched an impassioned appeal to the nation’s half a million Muslims not to mistake the Abbott government’s counterterrorism push as “fighting Islam”.

Amid simmering fears in the Islamic community about proposed new terrorism laws, ASIO boss David Irvine has given a rare one-on-one interview with a Muslim radio program in which he said he was “utterly outraged” by a recent newspaper headline that talked about “fight[ing] Islam for 100 years”.

"It's an outrage to my sense of being an Australian that we would claim to be fighting Islam": ASIO boss David Irvine.“It’s an outrage to my sense of being an Australian that we would claim to be fighting Islam”: ASIO boss David Irvine. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

This imbecile needs to be decommissioned at once.

The interview with community leader Jamal Rifi for the Lakemba-based Voice of Islam radio station underscores counterterrorism agencies’ eagerness to reach out to Muslims as they grapple with the threat posed by dozens of Australian radicals fighting in Syria and Iraq.

“I can say this on behalf of the whole Australian government … We are not fighting Islam, we are fighting terrorism. And they’re two very, very different things,” Mr Irvine said.

“It just doesn’t make sense and frankly it’s an outrage to my sense of being an Australian that we would claim to be fighting Islam.”

He was referring to a recent headline in The Australian that misquoted former army chief Peter Leahy as saying, “We’ll fight Islam [for] 100 years”.

Mr Irvine also urged more Muslims to join ASIO and acknowledged the government had more work to do in building bridges with Muslims.

“We in the government may not be as good at [listening to the Muslim community] as we should be and that’s something we also should continue to work on,” he said.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott meanwhile stepped up his warnings about the brutal group the Islamic State in the wake of the beheading of American journalist James Foley, saying such atrocities could happen in Western countries including Australia. He said the Islamic State was “probably the most effective terrorist movement the world has yet seen”.

He also said there was “potential for increased terrorist activity in our region” with the Indonesian group behind the Bali bombing, Jemaah Islamiah, claiming to have linked up with the Islamic State.

On Thursday night, Mr Abbott echoed Mr Irvine in seeking to reassure Muslims that they were not the target of terrorism laws.

“Extremism is the enemy, not Islam,” he said in a speech in Adelaide.

Mr Abbott went on to express hope that the Islamic State’s “slaughter of innocents” might “spur mainstream Islam to become more attuned to individuals’ rights”.

“Perhaps this will turn out to be the moment when Australians come to appreciate that the Muslims among us much more often have our perspectives than those of the protagonists in foreign wars.”

In Mr Irvine’s interview, conducted last week, the ASIO head pleaded with Muslims to talk to the government about their concerns over new terrorism laws – particularly a controversial proposal to declare “no-go zones” such as parts of Iraq and Syria that would force travellers to those regions to prove they are not terrorists.

“I also encourage you to talk to the government, as it is now in the process of looking at these laws – it’s only made an in-principle decision to introduce them … The law hasn’t even been written. It’s an idea.”

Since Mr Irvine’s interview, Mr Abbott has met with Islamic leaders in both Sydney and Melbourne to discuss the new laws, though some groups boycotted the Melbourne meeting, prompting the Prime Minister on Thursday to call the behaviour “self-evidently petty”.

Mr Irvine also urged more Muslims to join ASIO.

“We only understand a community with the help of that community. We will make mistakes and we do make mistakes and … I would actually like more members of the Australian Muslim community working in ASIO. That will help us understand better, but this is an organisation that is designed to protect you and you should be part of it.”

with James Massola

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13 thoughts on “ASIO boss says government is fighting terrorism, not Islam”

  1. I don’t know why the Muslim community is even being consulted on matters of national security when no other religious community has.
    If Irvine truly believes that we are fighting a terrorism which has no connection with Islam, why is he deferring to them in the first place?

  2. ASIO boss David Irvine, says government is fighting terrorism, not Islam.
    Let’s see David – who else is responsible for Acts of Terrorism

    Acts of Terrorism – Religion(Group)
    No – Aladura
    No – Asatru
    No – Atheism
    No – Bahá’ís
    No РB̦n
    No – Buddhists
    No – Candomble
    No – Cao Dai
    No – Chinese Religion
    No – Chopra Center
    No – Christian Science
    No – Christians
    No – Confucianism
    No – Eckankar
    No – Epicureanism
    No – Ethnic/Indigenous
    No – Falun Gong
    No – Greco-Roman Religion
    No – Hare Krishna
    No – Hindus
    No – Indigenous
    No – Jainism
    No – Jehovah’s Witnesses
    No – Judaism
    No – Kemetic Reconstructionism
    No – Mayan Religion
    No – Mithraism
    No – Mormonism
    YES – MUHAMMADAN (aka islam/Muslim)
    No – Neopaganism
    No – The Occult
    No – New Thought
    No – Rastafari
    No – Satanism
    No – Scientology
    No – Shinto
    No – Sikhism
    No – Spiritism
    No – Stoicism
    No – Taoists/Confucianists/Chinese traditional religionists
    No – Umbanda
    No – Unification Church
    No – Unitarian Universalism
    No – Vampirism
    No – Voodoo
    No – Wicca
    No – Worldwide Church of God
    No – Zoroastrianism

    OK – David Irvine Australia’s Security Chief (really!)
    – would you like to re-evaluate your Agencies Mission Statement.

    Terrorism = islam = Muhammadans = Expel or “Expel” All Muhammadans from Australia.
    With “Expel” being the Preferred Solution.

  3. We are waging war on Islam, but for political and strategic reasons, both abroad and home, it is best not to say so.

  4. Imagine an Australian Intelligence spokesperson making this nonsensical statement during World War 2
    “I can say this on behalf of the whole Australian government … We are not fighting Nazism, we are fighting terrorism. And they’re two very, very different things,” Mr Irvine said.

    “It just doesn’t make sense and frankly it’s an outrage to my sense of being an Australian that we would claim to be fighting Nazism.”

    Imagine if the government back then also consulted the Nazi Party to weed out those actively carrying out the teachings of Nazism. I mean its laughable!!
    In order to fight the enemy we have to NAME the enemy, and it is the Quranic TEACHINGS of Islam that cause terrorism, just as Mein Kampf inspired the Nazi terror..
    We are in WW3, Islam has declared WAR on us and all non muslims and we had better wake the hell up!

  5. Hey John, you forgot the religion of atheism (communists, etc). and they have a big ‘YES’ next to their ideology too!

  6. Angry with the head of Australian intelligence for not being zionist enough!? What a joke.
    So this blog is a useless zionist Geller/Spencer operation run out of the USA. Not worth wasting my time here then.

  7. Warren Jenkins,
    Not worth wasting your time here then? Good move on. There’s other blogs that would be more appropriate for your type of mindset, Muslimevillage, Neonazi sites etc.

    Care to refute anything that is put forward here with a well thought out counter reasoned argument? No didn’t think you could.

    Sorry but I think that it’s ‘YOU’ that is the joke, no doubt you’ll have a place in the new Dh(u)immi caliphate coming.


  8. Hey R_not, you’re making some stupid comments there.

    atheism is not communism.

    And people don’t go all facist in the name of atheism.

    You are sounding like a deluded religionist. That would explain why facts aren’t easy for you to comprehend.

  9. David Irvine
    Skips and jumps.
    Picks Meadow daisies (Daisy’s what!).
    Logically David Irvine must be a Muslima.

    Warren Jenkins
    Skips and jumps.
    Picks Meadow daisies (Daisy’s eh!).
    Logically Warren Jenkins must be a Muslima.

    David Irvine = Warren Jenkins = Muslima

    The Muslima must be Dusted Off
    – When a Muslima is Dusted Off
    – it’s Dust can be then Fertilized over meadows
    – to feed daisies (for Shiite’s sake Buddy – Daisy’s WHAT!)

    Gee Buddy – not even prose and with half dead rhythm.
    But Daisy REALLY wants to know what she’s in for Buddy!

  10. Some real traitors to the Australian nation here. Putting Israel’s interests ahead of the interests of the country. It is an open secret that zionists want other countries to fight and die for their interests. This blog is a part of that operation.

  11. Hi Warren Jenkins

    You are invited to expand your latest statements.
    Particularly what you wrote about
    • “Some real traitors to the Australian nation here” – Which Australian Nation are you referring to!
    1. The Free Democratic Western Style Governed Australia?
    2. The Muslim envisaged Enslaved Sharia Terrorised Australia that Muslims want to enforce on a Free Australia by jihadis?
    Tell me your Australian Nation isn’t No. 2

    • “Putting Israel’s interests ahead of the interests of the country.”
    1. “country” – Do you mean – the country of “Gaza” full of “Phantom” Palestinians?
    2. “country” – Do you mean – “Between the Country loved and cared for by the civilised man and the ‘country’ ruined and despoiled by The Savage?”
    In any war between the Civilised man and the savage – I support the Civilised man -(Support Israel)- Destroy jihad Creators.”
    Tell me your preference isn’t No. 1 and No.2

    • “It is an open secret that zionists want other countries to fight and die for their interests.” – Really! – When The Real open secret is what is listed in points 1 and 2.
    1. Arab and Islamic supremacist pretend that the Jewish story of an indigenous minority resisting their colonialism was really their own story.
    2. Arab and Islamic supremacist having failed to destroy every culture that they had conquered, they instead appropriated their stories, painting their fallen empires as the tragic victims of the imperialism of the very people whom they had conquered and oppressed.
    Warren Jenkins” … your “real” name is Muhammad and you are a practitioner of Jihad of the Pen. (and a Troll)

    • “This blog is a part of that operation.”
    1. This Blogs Purpose is to reveal/expose the Malevolence that is spawned by The Submitters to islam.
    2. This Blogs Purpose is to independently and jointly with other like minded groups enhance The Free World. (By making ALL People aware of the need for removing terrorism, barbarity, genocide, repression and a creeping death cult that wants to bring this planet back to the darkest of dark ages.

    Warren Jenkins” (aka Muhammad) – Spend some quality time and enlighten this blogs readers/participants and readers/participants of sites linked to this site.
    Perhaps Apostate yourself – but be aware – the tactics used by islam submitters are known.

    A submitter of islam who claims to be an “Apostate” – Cannot be readily Believed -Islam’s submitters are commanded to promote islam – by …..
    • kitman (deception for Islam – lying by omission to kafirs).
    • Taqiyya (deception for Islam – by outright lying to kafirs).

    So you may find unbelief greets any Apostate claim – even if truly an Apostate.

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