Good Shabbos! Israel Blows Hamas Commanders to the Virgins….

Hamas commanders killed in fresh Israeli attack on Gaza
Hamas commanders killed in fresh Israeli attack on Gaza -UPDATED

Israel has been pounding the Gaza Strip since Tuesday following the collapse of a temporary ceasefire with Palestinian factions.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Seven “Palestinians” were killed in a fresh Israeli airstrike in the southern Gaza Strip on Thursday, a Health Ministry spokesman said.

Make The “Blockade” Of Gaza A Real Blockade 

All through the years of thousands of rockets being fired into Israel, all during the Gaza campaign this year, and in the previous Gaza campaigns, Israel has continued to supply electricity, medicine, food to Gaza. This makes no sense. Make the “blockade” into a real blockade, and then agree, in return for demilitarization — which means a handing-over or public destruction of the remaining thousands of rockets — to return to the pseudo-“blockade” that Gaza currently has imposed upon it.

Shlomo Eldar, on an obvious idea — à la guerre comme à la guerre –- hère. (Hugh Fitzgerald)

Linkdump from the Religion of Peace:

There Must Be Blood  (NY Daily)

The brutal execution of an American journalist means that “it is time to kill the bastards.”

The ISIS Butchers: Beheading for the Cause  (National Review)

“Beheading is not just a warning or a promise; it is a ritual expression of an ideology.”

Who Wants to Live in the Paradise of an Islamic State?  (India)

“Not only are women forced to cover their bodies, even sheep and goats are forced to cover the rear parts of their bodies so that they do not tempt the holy men.”

Execution Wave Against Iranian LGBT  (FrontPage Magazine)

So much focus is on bullying Americans who dare disagree with homosexuality. Why so little on so much worse elsewhere?

Jihad and the Economy  (CFP)

“Sharia-compliant finance only empowers Muslim Sharia Law leaders whose real long term vision is to impose Sharia Law on the world and recreate an Islamic Empire.”

Edward Said: Oppressed Fraud  (Daniel Greenfield)

“His obsession with Israel led him to promote a colonialist myth in which his imperialist ancestors were the true indigenous people and the Jews, the majority of whom were Middle Eastern refugees, were foreign usurpers.”

3 thoughts on “Good Shabbos! Israel Blows Hamas Commanders to the Virgins….”

  1. Are still welcoming death, whike we love life? Or are they moaning about disproportional response?

  2. Exactly.

    I remember prior to the Six Day war, how the Arabs were gloating what they were going to do to the Jews, specially Jewish women and young girls ( I will leave that to your imagination) . Arafat could hardly contain himself at the thought of sitting in a Tel Aviv cafe.

    A few hours after the Israeli Air Force launched into action, Rabin and Dayan already knew that the Arab armies were defeated. Eshkol meanwhile kept that info close to himself for strategic reasons. He knew, that if he let this information out, pressure for a ceasefire by the US on Israel would mount .

    This is what the Arabs have in their arsenal. The fact that if they lose, America will always rescue them from their aggression. Its really time for Israel and the West, to extract a proper cost for Islamic aggression.

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