Dumb as Russel Brand can be….

Leftism is a mental disorder. Its  pathological and compulsive. Brand is hardcore:

Back to reality:

Gaza fighting resumes despite ceasefire deal

Dozens of “Palestinians” killed by Israeli shelling, medics say, hours after 72-hour truce between Hamas and Israel began.

There was an immediate lull in fighting as the truce began at 8am local time (05:00 GMT) on Friday. However, less than three hours later, medics reported deaths in the south of the Palestinian territory. They said at least 40 people were killed as Israeli tanks fired shells into eastern Rafah.

The EU gives Israel the finger: EU urges return to Gaza ceasefire

The European Union has urged Israel and Hamas it was “absolutely necessary” to restore a ceasefire in Gaza shattered a few hours after it began.

Predictable as always:

Pillay: World powers must hold Israel accountable

Islamo-prop spins like Iranian centrifuges and the  UN dogs are broadcasting it:


Here is a piece of cold, hard truth for those who think it is just Israel having a problem with Hamas & Co.

Atwan: The Arab Leaders Pray That Israel Will Get Rid of the Palestinians Once and for All