"Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us" (Tabari 9:69) The words of Muhammad, prophet of Islam

by Hugh Fitzgerald



Is it really beyond all possibility for the American government to do something to protect the Christians, the Yazidis, the Shabak, and all the others, threatened by maddened Muslims? A country that sent a million men to Iraq during the past decade, that spent two trillion dollars on that effort, that moved in tanks and planes and artillery, and then moved them out again, or rather moved most of it out but left much for the feckless government in Baghdad run by, and for, Shi’a Arabs, cannot send a few thousand men, and planes flying and bombing overhead, to protect the oldest Christian communities in the world from extermination? No? Why not?

Would it “offend” the world’s Muslims? Should any non-Muslim care?

Isis takes Iraq’s largest Christian town as residents told – ‘leave, convert or die’

Isis fighters trap thousands of Iraqis up a mountain – and they’re dying of thirst

 Most of those stranded have run out of battery life on their mobile phones, but the few who can still communicate give grim updates