Obummer: Hamas acting very "irresponsibly"

Latest Obamaidiocy: Hamas acts “irresponsibly”

It just so happens that Hamas is a terrorist organisation. For reasons only known to himself, the Moonbat Messiah treats them as if they were the Salvation Army.


He says the strangest things, this undocumented man-child in the white house:

Israel, we stab you in the back:

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Journalists in Gaza are finally reporting the fact that Hamas has been deliberately putting its own citizens at risk by launching rockets from sites in the midst of densely-populated civilian areas, with a special preference for schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, and so on — places guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of Western TV viewers when images of dead and injured children and weeping mothers appear on the nightly news.

But the video below is different. This is not about dead kids. After all, there are plenty of kids to spare. This is about (potentially) dead journalists — people whose lives areimportant:

Actually, to be fair, the MSM reporters who cover Gaza labor under severe constraints. It’s not always well-known to their audience, but Hamas officials often threaten them with death if they report on certain incidents or enter certain areas. If I understand it correctly, the NDTV clip shown above was not aired until the camera team had left the country and flown safely back to India.

The following report from France 24 describes a similar situation. It may even be the same launching site shown in the NDTV — the surrounding buildings look very similar — but I’m not absolutely certain. In any case, it got the attention of international journalists:  Continue reading →

Hamas says Israel must lift blockade to stop Gaza war restarting as talks flag

Reopening Rafah crossing most likely area for agreement in Cairo talks as Hamas rejects Israeli demand to disarm

Hamas officials in Gaza have threatened to restart hostilities “the minute” after the 72-hour ceasefire agreed with Israel expires at 5am GMT on Friday if their demands are not met.

The Palestinians are demanding that an Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza must be lifted and about 100 prisoners held by Israel freed. Israel insists that Hamas must disarm, which officials from the Palestinian group said on Thursday was “inconceivable”.

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