Leb Muselmaniacs threaten Australia over new anti-terrorism laws

Why was this story sold as evidence of failure by the Abbott Government rather than of gross and repeated failure by the previous Labor governments?

KRudd & G-Lard gubmint asleep at the wheel between 2007 and 2013

The first two paragraphs of the Fairfax report would make you think this stupid Abbott Government was to blame:

Rampant visa fraud and migration crime involving people flying into Australia are going unchecked while the government focuses on stopping boats, according to secret government files detailing entrenched Immigration Department failings.

Hundreds of pages of leaked confidential departmental documents obtained by Fairfax Media reveal that Australia’s national security is being compromised by wide-scale visa rorting and migration rackets operating with impunity, including some with links to terrorism or organised crime.–Rudd and Gillard cause security shambles. Abbott blamed

“Don’t oppose the jihad, otherwise we all will wage jihad and murder your children”, warns Leb Muslim org:
Australia: Muslim group outraged at anti-terrorism lawsAustralia: Muslim group outraged at anti-terrorism laws

For years we have seen the same thing in the U.S.: the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Islamic supremacist groups have fought tooth and nail against counter-terror measures, and continue to do so. Just once it would be refreshing to see these groups that ostensibly oppose jihad terror actually doing something to quell it.

“Anti-terrorism laws more frightening than racial abuse, says Muslim group,” by Daniel Hurst, the Guardian, August 7, 2014:

The Abbott government’s proposed changes to anti-terrorism laws are “more destructive” than the shelved amendments to race laws, the Lebanese Muslim Association has argued.–Continue Reading »


Tim Blair

After interviewing official Hamas Jew-hater Osama Hamdan, the ABC now turns to creepy little Zaky Mallah for expert insight on security issues:


5 thoughts on “Leb Muselmaniacs threaten Australia over new anti-terrorism laws”

  1. So why are the Politicians (Krudd Ju-Liar & the Rest) and Politicals responsible for this -Assisting and Enabling of islam and Treasonist and Seditionist Acts- against Australia still walking free.

    Again – a quiet simple solution for the perpetrators of these acts – a term of incarceration – then expulsion.

    QUICKLY & FINALLY – Stop ALL islam’s Muhammadan immigration and expel the ones already here – a perfect compromise.

    NOT forgetting our little islam Muhammadan “PET” Wakky Zakky Mallah – bless his vile micro size little idiot soul – Yuko Repugnanto.

  2. Why does the abc give this grub the air time.

    Wtf is going on.

    The muslims are not even 2% of our population, what’s with all the pandering to the tossers.

    Tell the morons to just shut up, sit in the corner and appreciate the country they’re in and what they get. Ungrateful prats.

  3. sAMI dANDAN: “.. I urge the government to abandon these divisive measures and restore public confidence in our ostensible rights as citizens in a democratic nation.”..”


    Most non-muslim citizens have not lost public confidence in this area and applaud the govt for looking after our rights not to be put in any danger by fundamentalist muslim cretins..

  4. Love the comments.
    I think we need a bounty system, anyone flying a black flag on Australian soil gets a wanted dead or alive poster, any member of the public may collect the reward.
    This islamic mafia have declared war on us, the time for niceties is over.

  5. JB – A bounty System
    The only requirement being that the bounty is for ANY Muhmmadan found in Australia.

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