But Peanut Khadr stands with the terrorists (he always does)

carter robinsonJimmy Carter’s support for Hamas terror continues


The New York Times still does the ‘Dead Baby Jihad’ — Pallywood in NYC…..

A sign of hope?

Pal’s turn on Hamas

Larry  Pickering

A dead three year-old girl, bloodied and limp, is rushed to a school yard and laid on her back. Dead adults are also dragged to the school, leaving trails of blood on the asphalt while Aljazeera cameras whirl.

In a rehearsed scene, a man picks up the dead girl, holding her close as if she was his daughter, and rushes dramatically past the camera to a hospital where more cameras eagerly await.

No women are present, just men wailing and throwing their arms in the air.

As reported here two weeks ago, “Terrorism’s secret weapon of martyrdom is not shared by those Palestinian parents nursing their dead children and the price Hamas has asked them to pay is becoming too costly. Israel needs the innocent inhabitants of Gaza to tell Hamas it’s time to stop the rockets.”

The Hamas Government has pushed its luck too far using its battered and innocent citizens to feed compliant media who sadistically evoke the world’s rage at Israel’s shelling of Gaza.

A Palestinian woman stands weeping in the rubble, holding her four children, “We’ve had enough, Hamas must stop and Israel must talk. We just want to live our lives.”

Three weeks back Hamas shot dead anyone daring to suggest what that poor woman just suggested… but not now.

A watershed in the war is emerging as Gazans witness with their own eyes where Hamas rockets are launched from and its certainly not from rural land or the beach.

It’s from hospital roofs, shopping centres and school yards, anywhere a retaliatory Israeli shell will kill and maim the most women and children while Qatar’s Aljazeera cameras are on standby to document the carnage.

Back in Tel Aviv Netanyahu has hung up on Kerry, Kerry doesn’t bother phoning back, leaving further negotiations to Egypt. Kerry hasn’t understood the conflict and Obama is on the second nine.

In another day or so the ceasefire will be over and so too will be the war.

Hamas no longer has the support of its distraught citizens. The tunnels have been destroyed, the stockpiles of Iranian rockets have been degraded. It’s time to rebuild lives, grieve for 2,000 lost innocents and hope such carnage is not repeated.

Soon Hamas will no longer govern the Gaza strip and it will return to warring with its Fatah brothers, as Muslims are inclined to do. It will be just as much fun.

But the Palestinians will replant their crops, restock their stores, rebuild their homes and send their remaining children to schools where Iranian rockets aren’t housed.


  1. West encouraging terror with ‘massacre’ claims

    Op-ed: Western states support Israel’s right to defend itself, as long as it goes to war with its hands tied.

    It was clear from the beginning that Hamas was waging a double battle – both a military battle and a PR battle. It was clear to Hamas from the beginning that every military failure could turn into a PR achievement, and that every humanitarian crisis is a strategic achievement.

    This works. Every word written and said, in the world and in Israel, about a “massacre” and “war crimes” is another word establishing Hamas’ strategy.

    Artificial Distinction

    In Gaza, there is no such thing as ‘innocent civilians’ / Giora Eiland
    Op-ed: Fighting an enemy state with one hand while supplying food and energy to its residents with the other hand is absurd. Full op-ed
    So we can tell ourselves, repeatedly, that we are winning. Militarily, it’s true. Strategically, it’s much less true. The first and expected international sign came from the UN Human Rights Council, whose decision to launch a commission of inquiry is more serious than the decision made by that same council in regards to Operation Cast Lead.

    Now it’s also leaders and friends from the Western states. In France, it’s the president and foreign minister who are using the word “massacre,” thereby not only helping Hamas score points but also encouraging the jihadists on Paris’ streets. If this is what Laurent Fabius and Francois Hollande are saying, how can we complain about the protestors?

    It’s a given process. In the first stage, they show understanding towards Israel. In the second stage, media reports emerge about the destruction in Gaza and about the innocent casualties. In the third stage, the politicians change their stance.

    Ed Miliband, the British opposition leader, strongly criticized his country’s arms deals with Israel, and Prime Minister David Cameron announced that every single deal would be reviewed thoroughly. Another achievement for Hamas.

    France and Britain were in the exact same situation when NATO planes bombed Belgrade and its surroundings. A Hospital, a retirement home and a refugee camp suffered direct hits. On April 15, 1999, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook reacted to the targeting of innocent people: “How dare they now produce crocodile tears for people killed in the conflict for which they are responsible.”

    It happened again in 2012 in the bombardments against the Libyan regime. Innocent people were killed. Amnesty demanded an investigation. NATO ignored it.

    And it happened when the Lebanese army destroyed an entire refugee camp, Nahr al-Bared, in order to uproot a handful of 450 members of a terror organization. The West encouraged Lebanon, both materialistically and morally, to do all that it takes, including destroy most of the camp’s building, in order to uproot the terror cancer.

    And it happened when the Taliban took over the Swat District in Pakistan. Once again, the West was there to encourage the army to use a firm hand against the terror cancer.

    Until it comes to Israel. Then the West supports Israel’s right to defend itself, as long as it goes to war with its hands tied.

    When Hamas turns the civil population into a human shield, when it builds bunkers and tunnels under apartment buildings, when it stashes rockets under mosques, hospitals and schools, and when its television channel calls, these days too, as it has in recent years, for the annihilation of Jews – then the “massacre” claims are a reward for Hamas.

    And it’s most fascinating that when some of the Arab states want Israel to crush Hamas, because they are afraid that the radical Islam’s killing industry will reach them too, that’s when the West encourages terror.

    On the military level, Israel has reached impressive achievements. On the strategic level, the international response rewards the jihad camp with points. That’s what Hamas hoped would happen. That’s exactly what happened.

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