Reactions to Abbott's failure to reinstate free speech

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A message from John Roskam on 18C

How Abbott actually made the announcement:

“…We are also determined to engage in ever closer consultation with communities including the Australian Muslim community”.

Tony Abbott’s “we are us” moment

Everyone needs to be part of ‘Team Australia’.

The Government’s proposals to change section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act had become a needless complication.

I don’t want to do anything that puts our national unity at risk at this time and so those proposals are now off the table.

There will be no free speech under a government I lead – it’s “a complication”

Good night, Abbott.  We’ll fight this and we will win.

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More from Andrew Bolt:

The  incompatibility of some cultures within our own will become one of the most urgent topics of public policy over the next decade. But it will be the easiest for activists to shut down.
 ‘Team Australia’
What exactly did Mohammedan ‘community leaders’  tell Tony Abbott to make him back off from reinstating free speech in Australia?
“I want to work with the communities of our country as ‘Team Australia’ here,” he said, and his free speech reforms would be a “complication” in trying to sell his crackdown on jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq.
The real reason Abbott broke his promise on section 18C
As the conflict in Gaza escalates, the timing of a repeal of section 18C of the Racial Discrimation Act could not have been worse for the government. It is unlikely to be revisited anytime soon. (Michael Gawenda)

Don’t resist Islam!

In the UK, curry “baroness” Warsi is making similar noises as the Australian Muselmaniacs that prevented Abbott from bringing back our free speech rights:

Don’t oppose Islam and Muslims, because that forces them to wage jihad and turn them into murderous Koranimals.

She suggests that “Britain’s support for Israel could encourage extremism in the UK”. Home Office evidence suggested that Britain’s response to the Gaza crisis risked “becoming a basis for radicalisation [that] could have consequences for us for years to come”, she wrote. – we are always accused of being “divisive”, here you can clearly see how a Mohammedan agitprop works  to divide us.


A comment from Andrew Bolt

True, Abbott was actually stating an excuse for his backdown rather than a reason.

His proposals were badly sold by Attorney General George Brandis, and far more groups than Muslims fought them. Jewish leaders, foolishly, were the most vocal.

There was just no way Abbott would get his reforms through the Senate, and so they were dumped.

And that is the most alarming of all. Does free speech really have so few defenders?

8 thoughts on “Reactions to Abbott's failure to reinstate free speech”

  1. I guess what it boils down to is ….
    Australian Muhammadan community imam says ….
    Dhimmi Abbott – Convert to Islam, pay jizya, or die!

    The Dhimmi title used here because Australia is considered an islamic state by the Australian Muhammadan community imam and all Muhammadans .

    What the Australian Muhammadan community imam (ACTUALLY) says ….
    Criminal(Assistor/Enabler and Traitor/Seditionist). Abbott – Convert to Islam, pay jizya, or die!

    Yes Master!
    – Will that be with one or two zabeeba’s Master!

  2. Regarding Baroness Warsi:

    A Kafir title for a Muslim? She enjoys the multiple benefits and honour of a Kafir status title whilst pretending to be a Muslim. What hypocrisy. She should read Sura 4:139 in the Koran. What a fake!

  3. So, Abbott has turned out to be gutless. His pre-election promise is another Gillard “There will be no carbon tax by a government I lead”.

    I will never vote Liberal again.

  4. We will get an integration tax in some form or another. Iron won’t alloy with clay, but governments spend a shipload of jizyah trying to make it happen – as with funding Indo madrassas in the vain hope of churning out moderate muslims.

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