State Dept. idiocy: Islamic State isn’t ‘Islamic’….

Vlad Tepes presents:

Michael Coren speaks on the (unsurprising) silence of muslims on the beheading of James Foley.

2. Islamic State militants stone man to death in Iraq – witnesses

The stoning, which happened on Thursday, was the first known instance of the punishment by Islamic State militants in Iraq, although it has been previously reported in Syria.

U.K Hizb ut-Tahrir Spokesman Taji Mustafa Calls for Muslim Armies to Rise against Their Governments  

State Dept. whoppers: Beheading wasn’t directed at the US; Islamic State isn’t ‘Islamic’

The Obama people in the white house seem to subscribe to “all you need to know you can learn in Kindergarten”. But Obama appears to have stuck to everything he already knew when he first got there. Any problems, lie your way out of it then go to recess…..

Robert Spencer on SUN TV speaking on the Foley beheading.

Thank you M., GoV., and lots more. I have a great deal more to post today and there are myriad giant communist protests taking place in Ottawa this afternoon under the usual totem of ‘social justice’ and mostly all set up by organized labour unions. I may try and go down and get some footage or see if Victor Laszlo is up to the job in which I case Ill post edits of it tonight. In either case, its gonna be a busy day.

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