"There Is No Compulsion In Religion" (2.256)

Hugh Fitzgerald:

To escapee death, Yazidis convert to Islam, and are filmed by a triumphalist Muslim cinematographer, for distribution far and wide. We are being shown a history lesson. We are being shown how vast areas, peopled by many different kinds of non-Muslims, were conquered quickly, or slowly, by small numbers of Muslims, who managed to be transform them into places inhabited overwhelmingly by Muslims.

Islamic State video shows conversion of Yazidi men to Islam

The propaganda video, released by the Islamic State, claims to show Yazidis converting to Islam to “rid themselves from the fires of hell”

Crazed With Embarassment And Fury, Hamas Murders 21 Innocent Civilians

Hamas has turned its anger over Israel‘s assassination of three military commanders against alleged collaborators in Gaza, killing 21 people in a little over 24 hours and warning that the “same punishment will be imposed soon on others”.

  • Hamas kills 21 suspected informers  —Human rights bodies condemn ‘extra-judicial executions’ while death of four-year-old in Israel threatens escalation of conflict

One thought on “"There Is No Compulsion In Religion" (2.256)”

  1. Sheikh

    Day before, when the news came that Israel had liquidated top three Hamas commanders in a house, it was evident, that in as densely crowded a place such as Gaza, and the commanders taking security measures, there was no way Israel could have done what they did, unless they had inside information.

    The execution of these unfortunates is the result.

    The good aspects are

    1. Hamas is thoroughly infiltrated by Mossad, or some other agency we know nothing about

    2. Hamas cant trust each other, without worrying who they are talking to.

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