Europe: Major terrorist attack ‘inevitable’

Major terrorist attack is ‘inevitable’ as Isis fighters return, say EU officials

(what to do, what to do?  If ‘hijab-solidarity’, open mosque days and token Muselmaniacs in parliament cannot protect us, will the jiziya keep us safe from the wrath of allah?  I fear not…)
The home affairs council is very aware and very frightened of this … The colleagues in the police administration just don’t know how to cope. They all fear this could be totally out of control. It may already be too late,” a senior official told the Guardian and five other European newspapers.

The  arrival in Syria of senior al-Qaida operatives from havens in Afghanistan and Pakistan grouped in the so-called Khorasan group. They are said to include the Saudi explosives expert Ibrahim al-Asiri.

“This guy seems to be one of the best bomb-makers in the world,” said De Kerchove. “This small group of veterans linked to al-Qaida is a concern.”

Of more concern is the treacherous stupidity of the demented swine who inflicted this disaster on us. (Guardian commenters recommend submission and blame western powers bombing ISIS for the dilemma).

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In other news:

Did you think the education jihad stopped with the Birmingham “Trojan Horse” scandal?

As many as a dozen schools in London are facing investigations into fears devout Muslims extremists are pushing their views enforcing true Islam on colleagues and pupils, it has been claimed.

Department of Education officials now allegedly fear schools in Tower Hamlets may see a similar situation, describing it as ‘the next Birmingham,’ the Sunday Times reports. …  More decaying Britain at MailOnline

Comedian and negative stereotype dispeller Dean Obeidallah:

…one thing that we must agree upon: We need to counter ISIS with Islam. We are truly witnessing a clash of civilizations. But it’s not between the West and the Islamic world. It’s between Islam and ISIS. In the Fight Against ISIS, Islam Is Part of the Solution, The Daily Beast thanks to Mullah, pbuh….

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