"Hijab Solidarity"

“Adelaide woman” has been wearing a hijab everyday in an act of ‘love and solidarity’ with her many Muslim friends.

This woman is either a fraud who converted to Islam or incredibly stupid. The Daily Mail promotes this stuff.

What the Daily Mail and retards like this misguided hijabee ignore,  must not be ignored under any circumstances:

Qur’an (5:51) - “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

There is more where this came from.


In Indonesia, “solidarity” shall be enforced by the religious police:

Indonesia ends discrimination of women!

No shiite.

To end “discrimination,” Aceh to impose Sharia on non-Muslims as well as Muslims

To end “discrimination,” Aceh to impose Sharia on non-Muslims as well as MuslimsWe are constantly told by Sharia advocates in the U.S. — those who fight to kill anti-Sharia laws in various states — that Sharia applies only to Muslims, and only to their personal religious observance, such that restricting it would be to interfere with their First Amendment rights. The political and supremacist aspects of Sharia are conveniently left out of such presentations. But here is what actually happens in areas where Sharia is actually implemented: non-Muslims are subjugated and oppressed. Defenders of anti-Sharia laws should make use of stories like these to fight against attempts by Hamas-linked CAIR and its allied Islamic supremacist and Leftist groups to destroy anti-Sharia initiatives.

“Coming Soon in Aceh: Shariah Law for Non-Muslims,” by Nurdin Hasan, Jakarta Globe, September 22, 2014 (thanks to JW)

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8 thoughts on “"Hijab Solidarity"”

  1. Do you remember the tsunami? Aceh was one of the hardest hit provinces and the West rushed billions in aid there. How else can they express their gratitude to the West.

  2. Ms Kate Learney (who is uneducated) – Lazy Ignorant “Dhimmi” (ISLAM Slave) “without” Intelligence.
    Wide eyed (supposedly indicates the “innocence” of a Child)
    – Learney (who is uneducated) holds up this beautifully hand written sign ….

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness.
    Only light can do that .
    Hate cannot drive out hate.
    LOVE can do that
    – Martin Kuther King, Jr.

    – Ms Learney (who is uneducated) offer your neck to the Muhammadan beheaders
    – You DO KNOW what happened to the person you are quoting!

    What this Wide Eyed
    – (she has attracted “their” attention – and Muhammadans ALWAYS end up Murdering their USEFUL (USELESS to us) Idiots)
    probably even before the Muhammadans’ Coming NEXT RIOT
    Ms Learney (who is uneducated) will be one of the Muhammadan Victims Slaughtered – even Beheaded.

    What Ms Learney’s (who is uneducated) Muhammadan friends didn’t tell her ….
    Qur’an: 8:55
    …. surely the filthiest animals in Allah’s sight are non-Muhammadans.”

    Qur’an: 5:51
    Muhammadans!, take not Jews and Christians for you friends.”

    Qur’an: 8:39
    Wage war on non-Muhammadans and kill them until they submit and the only religion is Islam.”

    The information about ISLAM is available and out there Ms Learney (who is uneducated)
    – all you have to do is see it, hear it, read it, but above all – understand it.

    Ms Learney (who is uneducated) – all you have to do is
    Read the Chronological Ordered Qur’an – Here …

    And Ms Ms Learney (who is uneducated) if that is to much of an effort for you
    Read the Abrogated verses – Here ….

    Unless otherwise stated, Wikiislam use the respected and widely accepted translations of Yusuf Ali, Marmaduke Pickthal or M. H. Shakir.
    All Qur’an quotes are taken from the University of Southern California Muslim Students Association’s Compendium of Muslim Texts

    Ms Learney (who is uneducated)
    – if you are too lazy or too disinclined to read either/any (or your own source) of the linked information and educate yourself about Islam (for your own preservation).

    so be it
    – Your fate is sealed by your own action/inaction (lazyiness/indifference).

  3. *I* have chosen to make a different gesture of solidarity: solidarity with those who are most hated by Muslims.

    About a year ago I got a Star of David pendant and started wearing it every Saturday (wearing a cross the other six days of the week, since I am a practising Christian).

    While the latest skirmish in Gaza was taking place, I wore that Star of David every day except on Sundays, when I put on my cross.

    Now I alternate back and forth between the two; a few days wearing one, a few days wearing the other.

    And although *my* particular part of Australia has – at present, though this is beginning to change – a fairly minimal mohammedan presence, every time I pick up that Star of David pendant off my bedside table and hang it around my neck, I know that it *could* make me a target. That moment of hesitation, of steeling oneself, of thinking- do I have the courage to wear this, to take that risk, ANYWAY? – is a reminder – just a very small reminder – of what it must be like to belong to the House of Israel and to have to make those calculations of risk every single day. I wear it anyway; but I make sure that when I am out and about I am aware of my surroundings. In my case, the danger *is* I think absolutely minimal. So far. That might change.

    But there are suburbs of Australian cities – and quite probably university campuses – where the visible wearing of a Star of David or of any other symbol associated with Judaism and/ or with Israel, *would* be – I suspect – immediately physically dangerous.

    Thought for the day: perhaps *all* Gentile Aussie Friends of Zion should consider ways like this – the wearing of a Star of David, or display of some other appropriate symbol – by which they can visibly declare their position and express solidarity with Jews everywhere, and with embattled little Israel that is fighting for its life against Jihad.

    It might be a very salutary exercise for a group of ordinary decent Aussies on, for example, our university campuses, to come together and agree to wear the Star of David visibly on-campus for a week, all of them together. And *record* – keep a diary – of anything and everything that happened as they did so. (Having first contacted the on-campus Jewish students, to let them know, on the Q. T., that this solidarity and awareness-raising exercise was going to be engaged in).

    Another option would be for Friends of Israel and opponents of antisemitism to wear the Star – or some other suitable symbol as appropriate for their situation – every Sabbath – Friday evening through to Saturday evening.

    Instead of Useful Idiots foolishly displaying solidarity with those who wish to subjugate, force-convert or kill them, let’s see Australia’s smartest and most decent people publicly identifying with *Jews*, who are the *first* target of Jihad.

  4. Who would believe it …..
    That Stupid Twat (Kate Learney) has started a Movement of headbag wearing non-Muhammadan Biddies – Only in SA – Sarah Hanson-Young Types.
    Say no More.

  5. I went beyond mike hunt muhammad’s Star of David and Cross. There’s nothing the Muslims hate more than outright pagans — the ultimate kafirs. I now wear the Pentacle every day, in connection to Mother Earth whose sanctuaries the Muslims have defiled and from which they stole. The sword Zulfiqar was STOLEN by Muslims from the shrine of our Goddess!

  6. Comment on the Aceh stuff. “Teungku Faisal Ali, head of the Aceh branch of Nahdlatul Ulama, also said the bylaw [Sharia imposed on non-Mislims] would not discriminate against non-Muslims because they would still be able to worship and conduct their religious activities as they wish.” Perfect illustration of what we are talking about here: you let Sharia in and soon Sharia is IMPOSED on everyone as we had been defeated and had surrendered to the Muslims unconditionally. NEVER. Your want to rule us? You’ll have to try to defeat us first! Good luck, suckers!

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