"We are not stupid people…"

‘I really enjoy being in a polygamous relationship. We are not stupid people who are forced into this type of relationship.’–Nabilah Phillips

Does Islam permit a man to hit his wife?

~Yes, but only if she doesn’t do as he asks.

Qur’an (38:44) – “And take in your hand a green branch and beat her with it, and do not break your oath…” …See More

Nabilah Phillips dropped out of Cambridge to become one of three women married to businessman and charity worker Hasan Phillips, 32.
  • Nabilah Phillips dropped out of Cambridge to marry Hasan Phillips
  • She is one of three women married to the businessman and charity worker
  • There are as many as 20,000 polygamous Muslim marriages in Britain
  • New documentary, The Men with Many Wives, exposes rise in these unions

Daily Mail

‘British banker’ reveals he has quit to join ISIS in Iraq because he hated ‘being ruled by laws other than Allah’s’ and ‘the self-indulgence of the rich’

  • Man calling himself Abu A’ntaar claims to have quit job in the City to join ISIS
  • Allegedly revealed his past in an exchange of messages with Russian media
  • Claims to ‘hate democracy’ and says he is happier living under sharia law
  • Suggested he is a trained suicide bomber able to ‘destroy’ enemies ‘at will’
  • Man believed to be among up to 1,000 Britons fighting for ISIS in Middle East

The alleged former banker is one of 1,000 Britons fighting for ISIS in the Middle East

1410967540936_wps_122_David_Haines_44_year_old_The (Musel-)man, who says he is a former business analyst, reportedly stated that he ‘hates democracy’ and is happy to be living under sharia law in the Middle East, claiming brutal ISIS militants are ‘leading the way’ and showing the world how a religious life should be lived.

What matters  is that the Islamic State appeals to  Muslims

Hugh Fitzgerald

He wants to make the war of self-defense against Islam into something else: “Humanity” against “Inhumaity,” with plenty of Muslims, as he pretends to see it, on the right side. But the handful of Muslim nations — only the Emirates comes to mind — willing to fight the Islamic State, and openly declare it, and the great enthusiasm, growing by the minute (though not “exponentially”), for the Islamic State among Muslims, the more the West noisily opposes it, suggest the truth: the Islamic State is not an aberration, but embodies the truest, most uncompromising, understanding of the Qur’an and Hadith.

Those Muslim states that oppose it do not do so out of solicitude or horror at the treatment of Christians or Yazidis, including mass killings, destruction of churches, and sex-enslaavement of Yazidi women. That doesn’t matter to them. What matters to them is that the Islamic State appeals to those Muslims, living in such places as Saudi Arabia, where the tribe of the despots takes most of the national wealth. The Al Saud are worried only about their own position, the stability of their own country. And that is true of the other despots. The Emirates, while each is ruled by a local despotic family, appears to have somehow made itself civilizationally somewhat more advanced than the other states, and it is possible to believe that at least some of its rulers would like — if only it could be done — to have some kind of avoidance of Islamic reality, some kind of understanding that Islam is not really what any reading of the texts — Qur’an, Hadith, Sira — and observation of the behavior of Muslims, over 1400 years and across a vast area — would lead one naturally to conclude.

Modi’s remarks, made out of a desire to keep the lid on Muslms in India (where there have been many terrorist attacks, and not only the spectacular ones in Mumbai and on the Parliament building in Delhi, but up and down the land, most entirely unreported in the West), by denying the impossibility of preventing Muslims, once aroused, to remember that their supreme and only loyalty must be to Islam.

So he’s doing what Camron and Obama and others in the West do, but Modi is doing it not out of ignorance but because he’s not sure what other tack to take, and he’d like at least to begin by trying out the let’s-pretend appeal to Muslims, and to non-Muslims too. Whistlng in the dark, in magical Bharat, here.