Australia: Left-Green Scum Smears Patriots

Patriotism has been declared racist. Just when we must insist Australia is worth defending, we’re told only scum would say so, writes Andrew Bolt.


THE self-appointed tolerance tsars of Australia are having such a hard time proving Australia is a land of bigots they are now jumping at shadows.

imagePATRIOTISM has been declared racist. Just when we must insist Australia is worth defending, we’re told only scum would say so.

Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt was outraged this week that two Woolworths outlets sold singlets printed with the Australian flag and “If you don’t love it leave”.

Bandt reposted a tweet blasting these “racist singlets”, fanning the fury of the Twitter Left.

Woolworths took instant fright, declaring the patriotic slogan “totally unacceptable” and promising to never again sell such a wicked thing.

imageBut exactly how is the singlet racist? Which “race” does it attack? Which “race” does Bandt think hates Australia so much that they are the obvious target?

No, the haters of the singlet are not trying to protect some Australia-hating “race” they cannot even identify and would insult if they tried.

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4 thoughts on “Australia: Left-Green Scum Smears Patriots”

    – Now there are 80 Useless (to Australia) Idiots who have publicly outed Expose Themselves.

    – (Alternatively called – “The UPDATED Dhimmi Incarceration List”)
    In order of Their Actualised Treason & Sedition
    1. Maria Vamvakinou MP FED ALP – Calwell, VIC
    2. Melissa Parke MP FED ALP – Freemantle, WA
    3. Laurie Ferguson MP FED ALP – Werriwa, NSW
    4. Alan Griffin MP FED ALP – Bruce, VIC
    5. Sharon Claydon MP FED ALP – Newcastle, NSW
    6. Adam Bandt MP Australian Greens – Melbourne, VIC
    7. Barbara Perry MP NSW LA ALP – Auburn, NSW
    8. Andrew Giles MP FED ALP – Scullin, VIC
    9. Paul Lynch MP NSW LA ALP – Liverpool, NSW
    10. Jamie Parker MP NSW LA The Greens – Balmain, NSW
    11. Lynda Voltz MLC NSW LC ALP
    12. Shaoquett Moselmane MLC NSW LC ALP
    13. David Shoebridge MLC NSW LC The Greens
    14. Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC NSW LC The Greens
    15. Dr John Kaye MLC NSW LC The Greens
    16. Jeremy Buckingham MLC NSW LC The Greens
    17. Jan Barham MLC NSW LC The Greens
    18. Senator Claire Moore FED ALP – QLD
    19. Senator Nick Xenophon FED Independent – SA
    20. Senator Christine Milne (Leader of) Australian Greens – TAS
    21. Senator Lee Rhiannon Australian Greens – NSW
    22. Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Australian Greens – SA
    23. Senator Larissa Waters Australian Greens – QLD
    24. Senator Janet Rice Australian Greens – VIC
    25. Senator Richard Di Natale Australian Greens – VIC
    26. Senator Penny Wright Australian Greens – SA
    27. Senator Rachel Siewert Australian Greens – WA
    28. Senator Scott Ludlam Australian Greens – WA
    29. Senator Peter Whish-Wilson Australian Greens – TAS
    30. Senator Sue Lines FED ALP – WA
    31. Tammy Franks MLC SA LC The Greens
    32. Graham Perrett MP FED ALP – Moreton QLD
    33. Senator Anne Urquhart FED ALP – TAS
    34. Terri Butler MP FED ALP – Griffith, QLD
    35. Julie Owens MP FED ALP – Parramatta, NSW
    36. Lisa Chesters MP FED ALP – Bendigo, VIC
    37. Senator Gavin Marshall FED ALP – VIC
    38. Senator Anne McEwen FED ALP – SA
    39. Senator Carol Brown FED ALP – TAS
    40. Senator Doug Cameron FED ALP – NSW
    41. Cassy O’Connor MP TAS HofA – Denison
    42. Senator Jan McLucas Labor (QLD)
    43. Lynn MacLaren MLC, Greens (WA)
    44. Jill Hall MP Labor (NSW)
    45. Jackie Trad MP Labor (QLD)
    46. Malcolm Fraser former Liberal Prime Minister
    47. Shane Rattenbury MLA Greens (ACT)
    48. Yvette Berry MLA Labor (QLD)
    49. Bronwyn Halfpenny MP Labor (VIC)
    50. Tony Piccolo MP Labor (SA)
    51. Andrew Wilkie MP Independent (TAS)
    52. Senator Lisa Singh Labor (TAS)
    53. Khalil Eideh MP Labor (VIC)
    54. Lee Tarlamis MP Labor (VIC)
    55. Johan Scheffer MP Labor (VIC)
    56. Katrine Hildyard MP Labor (SA)
    57. Janine Freeman MLA Labor (WA)
    58. Amanda Fazio MLC Labor (NSW)
    59. Mary Porter MLA Labor (ACT)
    60. Ian Hunter MLC Labor (SA)
    61. Stephanie Key MP Labor (SA)
    62. Maree Edwards MP Labor (VIC)
    63. Adam Searle MLC Labor (NSW)
    64. Sylvia Hale former Greens MLC (NSW)
    65. John Gazzola MLC Labor (SA)
    66. Katy Gallagher MLA Labor (ACT)
    67. Ian Cohen former Greens MLC (NSW)
    68. Kelvin Thomson MP Labor (VIC)
    69. Anna Burke MP Labor (VIC)
    70. Senator Kate Lundy Labor (ACT)
    71. Carmel Tebbutt MP Labor (NSW)
    72. Sharon Knight MP Labor (VIC)
    73. Jo Vallentine former Senator for Nuclear Disarmament Party and Greens (WA)
    74. Marg Lewis MLC Labor (VIC)
    75. Mark Parnell MLC Greens (SA)
    76. Dee Margetts former Senator (WA)
    77. Simone McGurk MLA Labor (WA)
    78. Jo-Ann Miller MP Labor (QLD)
    79. Senator Sam Dastyari Labor (NSW)
    80. Kerry Nettle former Greens Senator (NSW)

  2. The Loon-Green MP Adam Bandt have no problem with burqa, nijab or Hizb ut-Tahrir but extremely upset with this shirt!!!!

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