Chinese headchoppers were "brainwashed into carrying out holy war"

China broadcaster says Xinjiang attack mastermind sought Islamic state

xinjiang-uighur-quran-reutersAll of the defendants spoke in Uighur and their words and names were translated into Chinese subtitles. The state broadcaster also showed Uighur defendants saying they understood nothing about Islam.

“He talked about jihad, about establishing an Islamic state,” one Uighur defendant, identified as Ailimu Rouze, told CCTV, referring to Sawuti.

“He constantly incited those villagers and told them if they carried out holy war they would go directly to heaven,” CCTV cited an unidentified police officer as saying. (al Reuters)

Just yesterday we reported on another outbreak of

‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome”

Two ethnic minority Uyghurs went on a stabbing spree in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region last week, killing three police officers and three government officials before they were gunned down by the authorities in the latest violence to hit the troubled region, according to local officials.

Abdurehim Tuniyaz, 25, and Ablikim Abdurehim, 26, staged the killings in Hotan prefecture’s Guma (in Chinese, Pishan) county on Friday in what could have been a revenge attack over the death in police custody of one of their brothers, one source said.