The War Against the Jews

Europe’s ‘Diplomatic’ War on Jews

Old habits die hard. European anti-Semitism along with the Islamic Jew hatred Muslim immigration has brought, make for a lethal combination.

By: Rachel Molschky

no-Jews-allowedA blacklist of Jews who will be banned from Europe is being created by the European Union. Lori Lowenthal Marcus of The Jewish Press has reported on the news of “European diplomats” who “are frustrated with Israel and are searching for ways to whack the Jewish state hard enough to bring it to its knees.” This “blacklist” is, as Lowenthal Marcus writes, “a tool intended to be used to force Jews to submit to the will of the haters […] essentially, a Blacklist of Criminalized Jews, otherwise known as Settlers.” More on this at The Jewish Press.

Such a list only adds fuel to the fire. Anti-Semitism in Europe is becoming acceptable once again, as Muslim immigration has allowed the lethal combination of both Islamic Jew hatred and old European anti-Semitism which feed off one another. Political correctness has created the perfect guise. Slap on a politically correct and politically accepted word, “anti-Zionism,” throw in some “movement” called “BDS” and pretend it is all about the Israeli government’s actions, and wrap it up with a pretty bow- voilà! Jew hatred is good to go!

The UN is fixated on Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East to closely resemble a Western-style government. And this fixation does not come from a place of admiration, looking to Israel as a light unto the nations, but rather, disdain for “the Jews.” Instead of acknowledging the fact that Israel is a tiny country surrounded by terrorists intent on destroying the land of milk and honey, Europe joins in with the terrorists on the “diplomatic” end of the war against Jews.

In other news:

 UNRWA is teaching lies. Those lies turn directly into anti-Jewish incitement.-Plenty of hate and lies in the UNRWA “human rights” curriculum

Every time there is a formal conflict, the UN investigates the Jewish State for “war crimes” rather than focusing its attention on Hamas, a known terror group. Countries like Sweden and Britain vote to recognize “Palestine,” and British Members of Parliament who are too fearful to vote against it abstain and simply don’t show up. And whenever Israel has had enough and decides to defend itself, the fingers point, not at the terrorists who have murdered innocent civilian Jews through suicide bombings, shootings, stabbings, beatings, even rock-throwing and last but not least, tens of thousands of rockets, but at Israel for building homes on Jewish land, where Arabs seek a land grab to create that 23rd Arab state, a prospect they’ve turned down time and time again any time an offer was presented to them. And why have they turned it down? Because they refuse to live alongside Jews. They want to “send the Jews into the sea” and claim all of Israel as their own.

The Palestinian Authority, the supposed “good guys” in the “peace process,” call Israel “occupied Palestine.” Its President, Mahmoud Abbas, refuses to recognize Israel as the Jewish State, although he wants the UN to recognize his invented “Palestine.” And this “wonderful” Palestinian Authority, which formed a unity government with known terror group Hamas, is just as guilty of terrorism, paying terrorists, demanding the freedom of murderous Palestinian prisoners, declaring Jew murderers to be “martyrs,” and honoring them by naming streets and schools after them, indoctrinating children and adults alike through school textbooks and television programming to hate Jews and inciting violence and murder by any and all means necessary.

It is this same Palestinian Authority which has just received pledges of over $5 billion from 50 nations and 20 organizations to rebuild Gaza, and the European Union is among its biggest benefactors, giving money to the Palestinian Authority, which will funnel down to Hamas to regroup.

And they will regroup. History has demonstrated what Palestinian governments do with the money they get. They pay terrorists, buy arms and build terror tunnels. The IDF blog reported that one terror tunnel requires 350 truckloads of building supplies. Each tunnel costs $3 million, and with those same supplies, Hamas could have built 86 homes, six schools, 19 medical clinics and seven mosques (although mosques are hotbeds of terror activity, so we’re better off without those seven mosques.)

Over 30 terror tunnels were found by the IDF during Operation Protective Edge. Thirty tunnels equals $90 million wasted on hate and violence, rather than helping people. And instead of blaming Hamas for the lack of welfare, Gazans blame Israel for their “plight,” and Europeans take the side of the terrorists.

Just as Hamas used Western money in the past to build terror tunnels and build up its arsenal, rather than build homes, schools and clinics for its supposedly desperate people, the same will happen again. And Europe is aiding and abetting.

The UN’s anti-Semitism is out in the open. It is plain as day on the UNRWA “human rights” website, as the Elder of Ziyon blog found, stating that the “Jews did not know anything about human rights.” This is a claim often echoed about Israel today, which is interesting considering the fact that Israel, when finally responding to years of terrorism, warns Arabs before bombing a terror target in order to allow them to vacate the area, and sets us hospitals, treating people from the enemy side, unlike the Arabs who use their people as human shields and do their best to prevent their casualties from getting the treatment they need in Israeli clinics.

Still, Europe is relentless in its attack against Israel, NOT “Palestine.” Feeding groups like Hamas and ISIS and allowing them to grow before declaring that the “Islamic State” is not “Islamic” after it begins beheading Americans and Brits and wreaking havoc in the Middle East, allowing violent anti-Israel protests on European streets and only arresting the peaceful counter-protesters, insisting on massive uncontrolled Muslim immigration, which has led to homegrown terrorism as well as a leave of absence from “European” Muslims who take vacations as jihadists for ISIS before returning home to Europe, and protecting the freedom of religion for Muslim citizens who build countless mosques, preaching the hatred and destruction, not only of Jews and the Jewish State, but of the West as well, are all things adding up to an explosive situation. Muslims are now bold enough to attack Jews and synagogues in Europe, but those who are protected by European authorities are not Jews but Muslims.

Europe has made a choice: Jews are out; Muslims are in. Just when the dhimmi politicians will realize the mistake they’ve made, only time will tell.

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