Don't Be Fooled by Muslim Groups Who Condemn ISIL

By denouncing ISIS, extreme Islamist groups can, by comparison to ISIS, shore up their credentials as “moderates.” The media in Britain have praised these aid convoy charities, and extremist groups that were formerly ostracized, such as the Muslim Council of Britain, have now been embraced by Jewish community organisations.–The New “Moderates”: ISIS Fig Leaf for Other Extremists  (Gatestone Institute)

Imam of Boston Marathon jihadis’ mosque apologizes to Islamic StateImam of Boston Marathon jihadis’ mosque apologizes to Islamic State

The vaunted “moderate” Webb, a darling of the Boston media, has dismissed secularism as a “radical lunatic ideology,” which means the dismissal of the idea that the government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed, and the embracing of the idea that the law of Allah constitutes the only legitimate constitution and [/Comments] Continue Reading »

‘Radical’ Imams, a dime a dozen:

Ahmad Musa Jibril


 (The Week) A new investigation suggests that dozens of Americans have showed open support of ISIS, and they’ve all got something in common — they’re following Ahmad Musa Jibril, a radical cleric in Michigan.

 Vocativ found.Jibril spent six years in prison for money laundering and tax evasion after being kicked out of a mosque for “urging his followers to kill non-Muslims,” according to Vocativ. Jibril, 43, has a significant social following and posts his radical sermons to YouTube.

Jibril spoke at the University of Michigan at Dearborn in 2004, and former students told Vocativ that Jibril spread hate speech “labeling certain Muslims as apostates.” Jibril, who is on probation, wears a GPS tracking device and is forbidden from leaving the eastern part of Michigan. (EotW)

Allen West:

…. a Catholic Reverend finally says what everyone wants to ignore: It’s impossible to separate violence and terror from Islam.

Ok, this is really going to fire up the PC crowd, but a Catholic Reverend finally says what everyone wants to ignore: It's impossible to separate violence and terror from Islam. I hope you'll read and share this one:
But the most important thing is that we don’t hurt their feelings:

I suspect there will be more beheadings everywhere….. even here.

But it’s a good thing that the British Home Secretary banned Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from speaking against such savagery. Now the country is free to hear from devout Muslims like Mizanur Rahman.

Those who ‘condemn’ ISIL are by no means “moderates”
Senior officials at Al Muntada Trust, which recently condemned ISIS, have worked closely with Nabil al-Awadi (shown in photo), a “key financier” of ISIS.

The other nine signatories to the letter denouncing ISIS include:

  • Islamic Cultural Centre and London Central Mosque – In 2008, a British television documentary filmedpreachers at the Centre calling upon Muslims to murder homosexuals and adulterers, stating that Muslims who convert to another religion should be slaughtered, and branding the behaviour of other races as “vile”. The director of the centre is Ahmad Al Dubayan, a “Saudi diplomat” who is also a trustee of a school named the King Fahad Academy, which taught pupils that Christians were “pigs” and Jews were “monkeys.” Students were even asked to “mention some repugnant characteristics of Jews.”

  • Muslim Welfare House – a Muslim Brotherhood-run institution, the founder of which, Kamal Helbawy, is an outspoken supporter of Bin Laden and once said, “[The Palestinian cause] is an absolute clash of civilisations: a satanic programme led by the Jews and those who support them and a divine programme carried by Hamas and the Islamic Movement in particular and the Islamic peoples in general.”
  • East London Mosque – one of the leading centers for hate preachers in Europe. Most recently, the mosque organized a “six-week evening course” with Imam Fadel Soliman, an extremist Egyptian preacher who has called for the killing of American soldiers in Iraq and claims that the punishment for “fornication” is “100 lashes.”
  • Finsbury Park Mosque – a leading centre for the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK. Its director is Mohammed Sawalha, who is described by a Brotherhood website as being “responsible for the political unit of the international Muslim Brotherhood in the UK.” Sawalha is also “said to have masterminded much of Hamas’s political and military strategy” out of London, as reported by the BBC.
  • Al-Tawheed Mosque – a mosque in East London that has provided a platform to terrorist ideologues such as Anwar Al-Awlaki and Abu Qatada.
  • Green Lane Masjid – One of the Imams at this Birmingham mosque is Abu Usamah ad-Dhahabi, who hascalled for the killing of apostates and homosexuals; has advocated holy war in an Islamic state, and teaches that women are inferior to men.

This condemnation of ISIS was re-published by groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain, as well as the Joseph Interfaith Foundation, which claims to advocate for better relations among religious communities.