"Marginalising and dehumanizing the Rohingya"

Under British rule and thereafter,  large numbers of Bengali Muslims successfully  managed to settle in Burma.  Like the Arabs   in Judea and Samaria who call themselves “Palestinian’s”, they tried to reinvent themselves as “Rohingya”, but with far less success. These Bangla Muslims and their enablers would have you believe that they always lived there, that it is their land by the law of ‘allah’,  and by the same law they will conquer it. But the Buddhists of Burma are girding their loins. Numerous “human rights” organisations, most of them  financed by the OIC, are beating the drum for these “oppressed” invaders, whom they portray as innocent victims of  Buddhist rule.
Burma  Tries To Preserve Itself, And Burmese Buddhism 
Hugh Fitzgerald

For many decades Muslim Bengalis have been streaming into Burma. In the 1950s these Muslim immigrants massacred, on several occasions, the Buddhist Burmese in whose country they had settled; these massacres are remembered in Myanmar, but hardly known outside of Burma. These Muslims from what was then East Pakistan renamed themselves the Rohingya, and like the “Palestinians” gave themselves a fictional history for political purposes. The Burmese of today, having endured a lot, and observed the behavior of Muslims not only in their own country but in other non-Muslim countries, and without any of the inhibitions that now so dangerously constrain the peoples of Western Europe from dealing effectively and decisively with their own Muslim immigrants, whose aggressive attempts to promote Islam, and refusal to accept the laws and customs of the Infidels, have lead to such anguish for the indigenous peoples.

Here’s what the people of Myanmar propose, intelligently, to do.Other steps being considered have been discussed at NER here.

Burma ‘wipe out’ Muslim villages to end years of Muslim jihadi hate crimes, murders, rapes and forced conversion

The Muslim Issue

Where was the Human Rights Watch when Muslims committed their jihad against Buddhist’s, Hindu’s, and Christians in Burma — raping their women, cut them with machettes, and tried to force non-Muslims to convert to Islam or be killed? It was all silence from HRW then.
The Burmese government says they Rohingya Muslims are relatively recent migrants from the Indian sub-continent mainly originating from Bangladesh. The Human Rights Watch is now blaming the victimsafter they have taken extreme measures to protect their own country and people from the spreading of these extreme violent people who relentlessly attacked non-Muslims in Burma. The term ‘Rohinger’ is unknown to the people of Rakhine in pre-war days. Because there is no such indigenous race in Myanmar or particularly in Rakhine. So, the question does not arise to define the meaning of ‘Rohinger’ as a race.
Muslim violence in Burma has been long standing and originate with British rule in India. The rapid increasing of Mohammedan population was taking place because of the open door policy of British India, where Rakhine was included under their rule and infiltration from Bengal Muslims was strong. Muslims from Bengal started communal riots in Burma between various Muslim groups.
Aggressive Muslims started to flame and destructed the many villages belonging to Rakhine in Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships. Many Rakhine villages were taken over by Muslims population and they settled there during the 2nd world war. In 1941 there were 129 villages in Maungdaw townships out of which only 68 villages were left after the 2nd world war. Although this happened many decades ago, they violence from Muslims has never stopped and escalated in the past few years leading to today’s situation.
The media has become horrid and untruthful and give a distorted view about the problems the Burmese have. People from all nations have the right to defend themselves and live in peace from hate crimes, slaughter, intimidation and forced religions that Islam forces onto people only seek to destroy their country and raise the flag of Islam over their heads.
Burma had the same horrific problem that is growing out of proportions in southern Thailand where unprovoked Muslim violence is extreme against the Thai people. Thai buddhists have been issued notes that say, “We will kill, burn, and destroy all Buddhists: you will never be able to live in peace here”. Burma has had no choice but to take the stance to rid of their aggressors.

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  1. All the records of who was where back in 1880s are in Kew Gardens in London. Some Arakenese went there and proved there was no ‘rohingya’ back then.

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