Gaza Demands $4 Billion From World to Rebuild After Terror War

PA unity government asks for over eight times more than UN called for – aside from $4.5 billion to fund itself.

9721The demand comes despite several reports that Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists have already started rebuilding terror tunnels used to attack Israel, which were built from materials brought in previously for supposed civilian needs. (Arutz Sheva)


Imagine. The Obama White House thinks building Jewish homes on Jewish land “poisons the atmosphere.” “Palestinians” passing out candies to celebrate the murders of an Israeli family in their beds at night — they never said that “poisoned the atmosphere.” Hamas TV saying “Killing Jews is worship that brings us close to Allah” — does that poison the atmosphere? No. Only Israel ever poisons the atmosphere as far as the Jew-hater in the White House is concerned. – (Pamela Geller)



Fatah official: Palestinians who sold homes to Jews in east Jerusalem should die 

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli police guarded Jewish settlers as they moved into seven homes in a Palestinian neighborhood of east Jerusalem on Tuesday.

The homes in Silwan, which sits in the shadow of Jerusalem’s Old City, were purchased by Elad, a pro-settlement group that uses funds from Jewish supporters in the United States and elsewhere to buy properties in Palestinian districts.

PLO Demands a Judenrein Israel (again)

Abbas spokesturd says any “peace” must include banning Jews from holy places

Nabil Abu Rudeineh did not say that Abbas is ready for a historic compromise. He was responding that Netanyahu’s statement that Israel is ready to accept a historic compromise, insisting that Israel must include certain conditions in any peace plan.

And the Western media missed one of his conditions: to make holy places like the Temple Mount, Rachel’s Tomb and the Ma’arat HaMachpela (Tomb of the Patriarchs) Judenfrei.

Anyone who follows Arab media knows that to them, any Jews who want to visit their own holy sites, no matter how peacefully, are called “extremists.” Abbas is saying that  Jews must be banned from their holy spots.

Saeb Erekat gets even nuttier (if that is possible)

From AFP:

A senior Palestinian official on Tuesday likened Benjamin Netanyahu to the leader of the Islamic State group, after the Israeli prime minister compared Hamas to the organization.

“Netanyahu is trying to disseminate fear of the Islamic State led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but Netanyahu forgets that he himself leads the Jewish state,” said Saeb Erekat, the PLO’s chief negotiator in peace talks with Israel.

“He wants us to call Israel the Jewish state and supports terrorist settlers who kill, destroy and burn mosques and churches… like Baghdadi’s men kill and terrorize,” Erekat told AFP.

Just as a reminder, the constitution of “Palestine” says “Islam is the official religion in Palestine.”

By contrast, Israel has no state religion.

So by Erekat’s definition, the PA is far closer in its laws to the Islamic State than Israel  is.

The signs are everywhere that the time has come for Israel to abandon the PLO.

So long as the PLO remains in power, the lives of Israelis and Palestinians will only get worse: Caroline Glick: Kicking the PLO habit

Saeb Erekat describes his strategy of lying

Yesterday, PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat added another to his long list of lies that he spouts to the media, and this one was a doozy:

Escalating the Palestinian leadership’s rhetorical assault on Israel, the chief Palestinian Authority negotiator, Saeb Erekat, on Monday claimed that 96 percent of Gazans killed in the summer’s Israel-Hamas conflict were civilians, reiterated PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s charge of Israeli “genocide,” and accused Israel of seeking to impose apartheid on the Palestinians.

Erekat, in the radio interview, defined genocide as “a direct attempt to eliminate, horrify, relocate, destroy a way of life” and claimed “Israel committed the killing of 12,000 and wounding 12,000 Palestinians; 96 percent of them are civilians.”

Not even the most extreme anti-Israel Gaza NGO claimed that 96% of those killed in Gaza were civilians, or that 12,000 were killed.

The radio interview is in English and these absurd lies can be heard at the 30 second mark here. He also says Israel “demolished” 50,000 homes (according to anti-Israel site Electronic Intifada, 15,670 homes were damaged, not demolished,) and that 500,000 Gazans are homeless (that is the maximum number displaced during the war but only about 50,000 remain in shelters as of a few weeks ago.)

I cannot remember a single interview of his or article he’s written that was not filled with lies.

So how can Erekat continue to lie so openly and brazenly in literally every statement he ever makes in public? What is behind it?

It turns out that Erekat explains his strategy perfectly – in his response to Netanyahu’s speech at the UN yesterday:

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said, “There’s a saying that if you don’t stop a man who is lying after 24 hours, the lies turn into facts. That’s what happened to Netanyahu.”

This saying is Erekat’s credo!

He lies, not one reporter – even the interviewer from Israel Army Radio here – bothers to counter his lies in any timely fashion, and Erekat wins! His lies turn into facts for his audience, or at the very least they are considered a legitimate part of the “narrative.”  He literally lives his life by the saying “if you don’t stop a man who is lying after 24 hours, the lies turn into facts.”

No one has the guts to tell him that he is a liar to his face and list all his lies, chapter and verse. And it is avery long list.

Erekat knows that once he puts his lies out there, no one will counter him – after all, he is a “moderate” and a “peacemaker,” and reporters aren’t conditioned to believe that a soft-spoken man in a suit who is considered a “moderate” will lie right to their faces.

There is literally no negative repercussion to Erekat’s constant lies. So…why shouldn’t he continue them?

(By the way, for all the PLO officials who railed against Bibi’s “lies,” not one of them actually cited any.)

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