The feelings of Muslim women in Australia


Australia: ‘We’re creating a Muslim apartheid’  (BCF)

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has urged parliament’s presiding officers to reconsider restrictions on women wearing the burqa in the house.

Greens Senator Richard Di Natale yesterday said the move will create the feeling that Muslims are second-class citizens.

“You’ve just got to ask yourself, how would you feel if you were a young Muslim women in Australia right now? Just ask yourself that question,” he said…

I don’t care for Di Natale’s ‘feelings’- I care for facts. Fact is that homo’s like Di Natale are being murdered in the Islamic state; either by hanging from cranes or by throwing them from tall buildings. Fact is also that Di Natale’s cognitive dissonance and that of his cohorts are destroying our society. And finally, all non-Muslims are worse off than second-class citizens in the Islamic state, they are targets of murder, torture, humiliation and enslavement.


Outrage! You can wear a burqa in Parliament but not speedos (Bolt)


Senator Hanson-Young finds speedos “quite offensive”.

Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek’s stupidity is equally offensive.

Especially when they turn around defending the burqa as if it was a fashion item…..

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  1. Senator Hanson-Young needs further legal education, clearly. Speedos do not constitute an explicit ideological advocacy for a theocratic system of belief-and-law. The burqa, niqab, veiling, and so on, is such an advocacy. It is a statement in support of the authority of religious law, the Shari’a, and indirectly also in support of the supreme authority of that religious law over any other law, including the entire legal system of our civil law society and of the separation between Church and State. The burqa, niqab, veiling, etc., is in no way “racial” or “cultural”, it is 100% the expression of an integrated theocratic legal-religious-political system, Islam, that perceives itself to be superior to all other systems, with a legal authority that overrides all other law by fiat of prophecy and religious sanction. Senator Hanson-Young can’t tell apples from oranges.

  2. Important Ebola Note

    So there is tremendous chatter about this guy from Liberia, and we now have enough of the backstory to see just how maliciously negligent the so-called protection agencies really are. But what I want to focus on is Thomas Eric Duncan – the Liberian who after hauling his sister’s still living yet rapidly disintegrating body to and from the hospital thought it would be a great idea to take a three-legged flight to Dallas, and then just casually forget to mention at the Dallas emergency room the whole “I hauled my sister, dying of Ebola, to and from the hospital a couple of weeks ago.”

  3. Uniformed Australian and Dutch soldiers should wear their sidearms and shoot anyone who tries to attack them. To me, attacking a uniformed soldier is the same as attacking the country.

  4. Of course it won’t create the feeling they are second class citizens because the know they are the best of peoples, and western ex-Christian people are the worst of creatures.

    Allah told Mohammed this.

    Di Natale is an ignoramus.

    What it will do is enrage Muslims that the man-made secular government does not abide by sharia and they will become more aggressive in bringing the government to order.

  5. The kilt is a very dangerous garment.

    You could hide a knife, a Glock or a grenade under a kilt.

    It’s definitely time they were banned in banks and police stations and on public transport…………….

  6. Should be “The other person is a woman dressed in a niqab (not burkha which is the full face covering). Both are totally unacceptable in Australia of course.

  7. 1735099, Another Sarcastic Left Wing Dhimmi Traitor or a Filthy Muslim. You know which one you are.

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