Sex slaves and "religious respect" for Mohammedanism

Hussein Obama and John Kerry are conducting a well orchestrated PR campaign on behalf of Islam:

“Nothing whatsoever about ISIL  is related to Islam.”

Filled with references from the Qur’an and other texts, rulings by revered scholars, and attempts to link its conduct with that of devout Muslims through the ages, a new ISIS publication claims that the taking of sex slaves by Muslim jihadists is in keeping with the basic tenets of true Islam.

A post on describes an article in the latest edition of the terror group’s propaganda publication, Dabiq:

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria says that shari’a law allows the enslavement of women from Iraq’s Yazidi minority because they are pagans, a religious class deemed even worse than “apostates” like Christians and Jews who may be given the convert-or-die option.

Sex-Slaves[The article] also attempts to justify its widespread enslavement of Yazidi women by saying it was needed to prevent Muslim men from being tempted into sinful sexual conduct.

The post goes on to explain the Islamic State’s historical perspective on keeping sex slaves:

…the abandonment of sexual slavery gave rise to an increase in fornication and adultery, as Muslims pursued worldly pleasures rather than jihad. It praises “the Islamic State” for restoring this and all aspects of the correct Islamic order.

So far, we’ve seen no response from Obama/Kerry to the argument that shari’a endorses the keeping of captured “pagan” women as sex slaves by men who practice the “religion of peace.”

Blair calls for global lessons in religious respect

p_zoom_Tony Blair

Tony Blair wants a global drive to tackle the “roots of extremism” by making education systems in all countries teach respect for other religions.

He says it is “foolish” to spend billions on a military fight against Islamic extremism, while leaving religious intolerance “undisturbed”.

As a matter of “urgent global importance”, he wants schools to teach “the virtue of religious respect”.

This demented swine is the architect of “religious respect” for Mohammedanism which wants us dead or converted.  His ‘respect’ schools are entirely favouring Islam,  for that the Arabs have paid him 30 million pounds since he’s out of office. Hang Tony BLiar!

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  1. “Blair calls for global lessons in religious respect”

    RESPECT SADIST#1 Allah, Q5:38-40 “(thieves) Amputate their hands”
    vs. German Constitution Art 2, 2 “EVERYBODY has the right to life, and PHYSICAL INTEGRITY”

    Respect ISS(8:37,55; 98:6vs.98:7)lam U.K. clown Bliar

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