“Soon We Won’t Have Our Country Anymore”


Kent Ekeroth is a member of parliament for the Sweden Democrats. A year ago today he addressed the Swedish establishment on the floor of parliament, criticizing them for their policies on mass immigration. He predicted that Sverigedemokraterna would surge during the next elections, and he was right — that was exactly what happened, almost a year later.

In the video below, pay attention to what the Communist member of the Riksdag has to say near the end of the clip. I’ll explain after you’ve finished watching it.

Many thanks to Alfred Fredriksson for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Bengt Berg, a member of the Communist Party, confronts Mr. Ekeroth with the fact that he, Mr. Berg, is a “member of the Swedish church”. To understand the significance of Mr. Berg’s remarks, you need to know a little Swedish cultural context:  Continue reading →

Pat Condell: Sweden


What do you call it when a ruling class takes deliberate action to reduce the native population relative to foreign populations?

Political correctness is genocide. The objective is to eradicate Western Civilization, so that the Third World will cover the entire planet. This will allow the ruling class to maintain the level of total power characteristic of autocratic Third World countries. (Moonbattery)