These people are stupid

On Tuesday, The New York Times ran a lengthy piece ripping Israel for supposedly hiding its Israeli Arab population. Pointing out that Israel’s population authority originally left the top baby name in Israel – Muhammad – off its pre-Rosh Hashana list of top baby names, the Times suggested that racism was afoot: NYT: Israelis Racist Because They Didn’t List Muhammad as Top Baby Name


Hijab Solidarity


“…. the United States government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab and to punish those who would deny it.” — Hussein Obama, Cairo, June 4, 2009

Not one word about Christian persecution by Islam around the world. And who will protect the right of women and girls not to wear the hijab if they so choose?

Suckers for misogyny:

If they are deemed unsafe, why let them in at all?  The new rules mean women in burkas will be identified and screened for weapons – like every one else – before they get to the public galleries.

Wimp of the week:

Channel 10’s Jessica Rowe and Nova host Meshel Laurie are amongst over 15,000 Australians who have shown support for the Women in Solidarity with Hijabs… DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

A read-it-to-believe-it column in the Huffington Post is demanding that each American do more to stop the looming threat of the Islamic State– by recycling. Arguing a direct correlation between droughts in Syria and the rise of Islamist extremism, the authors blame climate change for the terrorist group’s advance in the Middle East.

We cannot tell Muslim women what to wear, but Muslims can bomb us into the freedom sack:
‘No-one sits next to me anymore’
Is it because they stink? Is it because they lie?
PAKI TALIBANDITS Will Strike Inside of Britain if Koranimals Are Disrespected

Ahrar Warns Britain to Treat Muslims With ‘Respect’
Paki  Taliban splinter group claims it has capacity to strike within Britain if its warnings are ignored.
There are no accidents:

3 thoughts on “These people are stupid”

  1. “These people are stupid” – absolutely STUPID.

    “Obama is like someone who burns down your house.
    Shows up with an empty water bucket.
    And lectures you about how Defective the house was.”

    Obama being a Muhammadan – the standard Behavious of ALL islam’s Submitters

    non-Muhammadans are “TO BLAME” for everything Muhammadans do to them – [sick] – just [sick]
    Because non-Muhammadans refuse to obey islam any any of its forms.

    What else can be said
    The STUPIDITY of SOME non-Muhammadan Australians is Amazing – TOO LAZY/IGNORANT or paid/vested interest) TO LEARN FOR THEMSELVES ISLAMIC REALITY.
    Anthony John “Tony” Abbott …. “Dhimmi” AND Criminal …. Yes Master
    Women in Solidarity with Hijabs (WISH) campaign – Mariam Veiszadeh …. “Dhimmis” AND Criminals …. Do THESE “Stupid Things” have a Muhammadan surprise in store for them including that stupid twat Ms Kate Learney AND Federal MP Julie Owens (Just Dumb and Dumber).
    And Many more – but you get the idea
    Oh! why – stupid is as stupid does!

    HOWEVER – These Dhimmis “Acts of Self Indulgance” (Idiotic Stupidity) WILL have and is having a very negative effect on the lives of intelligent aware non-Muhamamdan Australian’s who really should take remedial action against these STUPID IDIOTS and start organisg the Expulsion or “Expulsion” of Muhammadans and Dhimmis residing in Australia.
    Take away the personal recordings these islamic slaves are listening to
    – 1 …. Breathe in
    – 2 …. Breathe out
    – 3 …. Breathe in ….

  2. Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek said she was unimpressed with Mr Abbott’s remarks.

    I’d prefer it if Tony Abbott didn’t get about in his speedos. But it’s a free country,” Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek said.

    Well Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek
    – You won’t have to concern yourself with Tony’s Budgie anymore
    – he lost it.
    – unfortunately for Australia.

  3. “They’re ignorant. What’s their reason to hate us? No-one sits next to me anymore….” No one sits next to you for a good reason. Just in case you decide to rush to Paradise, no one wants to share the blast perimeter of your suicide bomb with you!

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