WA Acting Police Commissioner, Stephen Brown, Wants More Muslims In the Police Force

 Christina McIntosh comments on the idiocy of those entrusted to keep us safe and the sinister meaning of  “breaking down cultural barriers”….
More Foxes Needed to Guard Henhouse:
clearIn the light of what happened at Fort Hood, and in the light, now, of the Islamic State’s summons to “all Muslims” to take up arms and kill a random Aussie (or US, or German, or French, or British) Infidel, and in the light of British experience of corruption and misconduct by Muslims in the police force,Mr Brown’s  proposal strikes one as the height of folly.

As reported by the ABC’s Kathryn Diss, last week.

“More Muslims Needed in WA Police Force, Acting Commissioner Stephen Brown Says”.

“More Muslims are needed in the ranks of the West Australian Police Force, the state’s acting police commissioner has suggested.

We need more Muslims in our police force, like we need a hole in the head, mate. – CM

“Muslim leaders today met with Acting Commissioner Stephen Brown to discuss ways to overcome fears surrounding their religion and to break down cultural barriers.

In the light of the behaviour of, inter alia, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Boka Haram, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, Jemaah Islamiyah, the jihadis who raided Mumbai, the jihadis who attacked Beslan, and last but not least, Islamic State – and then one could mention the past 1400 years of non-stop mass-murdering, raping and enslaving Jihad on three continents, and the manifest fact that all of this awful behaviour is in direct continuity with the blueprint that is laid out in the Islamic texts and in the conduct, as there described, of the founder of Islam –  Infidel fear and suspicion of Muslims and their motives is justified and justifiable and wholly fact-based and rational. And therefore the Muslim attempt to pooh-pooh those fears, to suppress those fears, to lull the Infidels into unawareness, takes on a rather sinister aspect.  

And the line about “breaking down cultural barriers” also begins to sound rather sinister when one knows that the jihads of the past were seen as “futuhat”, “opening” of the way for Islam.  What these Muslims are about, is breaking down Infidel resistance to Islamisation. – CM

“WA Police initiated the meeting with senior Islamic leaders following similar talks with Premier Colin Barnett last month amid concerns over a backlash against local Muslims.

I am getting so very, very tired of this.  Muslims in multiple countries worldwide do horrible, horrible things – in the name of Islam – to non-Muslim minorities; Muslims both within the West and beyond the west utter open, brazen, bloodcurdling threats repeatedly and loudly against…all non-Muslims in the West and everywhere else; Muslims within the West have attacked, or plotted or attempted to attack, non-Muslims, in varius nasty ways; and in response, all anybody seems to worry about is whether a few Infidels might look funny at or be mean to the poor, poor little persecuted Muslims who, despite their constant wailings, whinings and complaints of being victimised, are still pouring in large numbers into the West.  (If they really were suffering persecution here they would be falling over themselves to get out..not to get in; nobody is preventing them from leaving, except in the case of those few whose passports have recently been stopped before – not, as I would prefer, after – their departure for the Jihad bloodbath in Syria and Iraq). – CM

‘Mr Brown hosted the meeting and said while officers had a good relationship with the Muslim community, more needed to be done.

“We want to recruit more Muslim Australians into the West Australian police, and we want to get a closer [and] more acute understanding of the impacts and challenges that police place sometimes on Muslim communities”, he said.

And what happens if a Muslim police officer is called to attend upon a domestic violence case involving a Muslim man who is beating his wife (whether non-Muslim or Muslim), or must investigate the suspected “honor” murder of a young woman who has refused to wear hijab,  or is called in to investigate a rape case in which the accused is a Muslim male and the victim is an Infidel female?  Muslim loyalty is to Islam and the Ummah, first and foremost. – CM

“All West Australians and police officers…need to understand the cultural dimensions of the Muslim community and some of the impacts we can have if we don’t go about our job in the right manner”.

So now we all have to tread on eggshells to avoid offending the delicate sensibilities and hairtrigger tempers of the members of the Cult of Perpetual Outrage???    – CM

‘Mr Brown said he was considering several measures to better educate his workforce on Muslim culture.

Righto, Mr Brown. I suggest you start off by giving them Conor Cruise O’Brien’s article “The Lesson of Algeria: Islam is Indivisible” and Patrick L Moore’s “From Cold War to Guerra Fria”, and the Barnabas Fund booklets “Islam and Truth” (which contains a brief discussion of taqiyya) and “What is Sharia?”   Then they can read Rev Dr Mark Durie’s “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom”, followed by ex-Muslim Sam Solomon’s “The Mosque and Its Role in Society” and “Al Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”.  Then they could read the report on the official cover-up of industrial-scale Muslim male gangs’ sexual abuse of young non-Muslim girls in the UK –  “Easy Meat” – together with Rosemary Sookhdeo’s book on Muslim women in the UK, “Secrets Behind the Burqa”.  To cap it all off, they could be encouraged to explore the archives at MEMRI. I’d call that a practical crash course in Islam and in Islamic “culture”. – CM

“There’s a raft of things.  Really it’s about dialogue. It’s about making sure that all West Australians are in touch with what’s happening within the Australian Muslim community”, he said.

Dear Mr Brown, how about simply telling the Muslim ‘community’, flat out, that while they are in Australia, they will be expected to obey all Australian laws and that if they are caught breaking those laws – such as, for example, by raping infidel uncovered meat, or by threatening or trying to kill apostates or ‘blasphemers’, or by trying to murder deemed-insufficiently-submissivie Muslimahs, or by practising clandestine polygyny or FGM or forced and/ or child “marriage”, or by engaging in immigration fraud or any other kind of fraud or criminal activity of any sort (armed robbery, drug manufacture and smuggling, people trafficking, assault) or by beating their wives, they will be punished, end of story??  – CM

‘Sheikh Burhaan Mehtar said he supported the move.

Of course he does; he can see all sorts of opportunities for dawa and for pulling the wool over the stupid infidels’ eyes. – CM

“We will be having frequent meetings and perhaps having discussions with the new cadets and police officers (dawa and if not dawa, “grooming” them for dhimmitude – CM) and I guess just breaking those cultural backgrounds, those barriers (down), just to understand each other better”.

He’ll be telling those young cops all manner of sugar-coated nonsense and lies, interwoven with sly veiled threats.  All the better to keep the West Australian infidels – especially those charged with enforcing Infidel law – on the back foot and in the dark about Islam’s real intentions for Australia, and for said infidels, until it is too late. – CM

‘He described the meeting as a kind gesture and said it proved productive.

“I think one of the positives to come out of this morning’s meetings is future discussions and future meetings that we will be having with the department to ensure better and more positive collaboration”, he said.

Collaboration = non-Muslims, especially those in authority, doing whatever the Muslims want; whatever will benefit the Muslims and advance the power and prestige of Islam and of Muslims, the dominance of Muslims over everyone else.  – CM

“As leaders of the Muslim community, we are part and parcel of the fabric..of the society, we are building these friendships for the betterment of the community“.

Friendship, eh?  I am sure that Sheikh Mehtar has not told Mr Brown of all the Quranic verses that tell Muslims never to befriend the dirty unbelievers (who are ‘the worst of beasts’).  I bet he has not told him about Surah 48.29 – “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are merciful to one another, and harsh [ashiddaa] to the unbelievers”.  When I hear Sheikh Mehtar warbling “we are building these friendships for the betterment of the community” I hear an echo of Quran 3: 28 – “Let believers [Muslims] not take for friends and allies infidels [non-Muslims] instead of believers. Whoever does this shall have no relationship left with Allah – unless you but guard yourselves against them, taking precautions”.  American Coptic scholar Raymond Ibrahim, in an article entitled “Islam, War and Deceit: a Synthesis. Part One’, posted on the jihadwatch website on 14.2.2009, notes that that phrase about ‘guarding yourselves” and “taking precautions” was elaborated upon in the famous Al Tabari commentary, as follows – “If you [Muslims] are under their [infidels’] authority, fearing for yourselves, behave loyally to them, with your tongue, while harbouring inner animosity for them…Allah has forbidden believers from being friendly or on intimate terms with the infidels in place of believers – except when infidels are above them [in authority]. In such a scenario, let them act friendly towards them”.  Ibrahim goes on to quote the authoritative commentator Ibn Kathir, who wrote that “Whoever at any time or place fears their [infidels’ ] evil may protect himself through outward show”, basing this on a hadith from Abu Darda, a companion of Mohammed, who said, “Let us smile to the face of some people [non-Muslims] while our hearts curse them”; another companion, Al-Hassan, said, “Doing taqiyya is acceptable till the Day of Judgment.”

Reading between the lines of Mehtar’s flowery phrases, what I hear is him telling his fellow Muslims that he and other Muslim leaders who have been buttering up the WA police are doing this because, at the moment, those pesky WA infidels are still just a bit too strong to be treated with the contumely that, from a Muslim POV, they deserve; and that therefore it is necessary to pretend friendship with said infidels in order to protect the Muslim community while it consolidates its position.

And now to the predictable pantomime of victimhood (which also “dog-whistles” a familiar Quranic line about how persecution is worse than slaughter , i.e. that anything the Muslims do to the non-Muslims is justified because the non-Muslims are “persecuting” them. – CM

‘Concerns over harassment and threats against Muslims were also raised in the meeting.

‘Muslim Youth WA co-founder Shameema Kolia said verbal attacks had been levelled at Muslim women.

I wonder exactly what was said, and where, and when, and in what tone, and whether she has proof. Because in Islamspeak, any sort of criticisim at all, levelled against Islam and Mohammed, is framed as an “attack”, no matter how fact-based and rational it may be.  All resistance to and questioning of Islamisation is persecution, oppression, injustice, an “attack” and a waging of war. – CM

“Muslim women are clearly visible and you can see that difference”, she said.

Yes, they love to parade about in the Gang Colours, knowing full well that by now any Infidel with a functioning brain knows that those are the Gang Colours of the beheaders, the kidnappers and enslavers, the blowers-up of nightclubs and trains and buses, the fliers of planes into buildings. – CM

“So we have had incidents in Perth where people have passed comments to tell women to go back where they’ve come from”.

Frankly, right now, I don’t see anything wrong with suggesting to the mohammedan invaders and colonists that they should leave.  If ALL the mohammedans in Australia did go back where they’ve come from – taking with them those born on our soil, and those foolish Infidel-background persons who have voluntarily joined the Mohamemdan Mob (that Mob from which one cannot depart unless willing to risk being assassinated) – it would be no loss.  Australia would be spared a great deal of trouble, worry and expense.  We would not have to worry that one or ten or twenty or 200 or 1000 Australian-passport-holding Australia-resident Muslims might get up one fine day, grab a knife, and swan out into the street to stab or behead a random Aussie Infidel, as per the latest call to arms from the Islamic State; let alone, that they might decide to run amok on the streets with a vehicle, trying to kill people, as Muslims have done already in the USA , and in Israel.  We would not have to worry that one day, in one or more of our schools, there might be a repetition of Beslan; we would not have to worry that our buses or trains might suffer what has been done in Mumbai, in Russia, in Israel, in the UK, in Madrid; we would not have to worry that one day a team of murderous ghazi raiders will mass-murder their way through a shopping centre, a la the Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, or seize a hotel and hold everyone hostage and slaughter people inside, as happened in Mumbai in November 2008.  We would not need to worry that, one day, a murderous mohammedan may go into the schoolyard of a Jewish school, or a Coptic or other Christian school, and do to one or more of the children what a murderous mohammedan did in Toulouse. – CM

Do you have a bomb under your scarf?” – that kind of stuff.”

IF she is telling the truth – and in fact, she may not be – the reality is that questions like that are driven by a wholly rational fear.  Muslim women in Muslim garb have blown themselves up – amongst non-Muslims, most notably in Israel on numerous occasions, and also when attacking other Muslims, Muslims deemed insufficiently-Islamic or of the wrong sect.  It should not be forgotten, either, that when a nightclub full of foreign tourists in Bali in 2002 was blown up and set on fire, by Muslims, killing 202 and badly injuring 209, no fewer than 88 Australians were amongst the dead…and 16 of those Australians were from Western Australia. – CM

“We have had that, but they are isolated cases in WA, which is fantastic”.

All that may mean, my dear, is that those who have woken up to your agenda and that of the Gang to which you belong are choosing not to waste their time giving people like you excuses to gin up  claims of victimhood; instead they are focusing their efforts on raising awareness and intelligent alarm among their fellow Infidels.  Given the cluelessness of the likes of Mr Brown, and the extent to which Muslims are already managing to infiltrate and subvert the system, Islamo-informed West Australian infidels are going to have to work fast. – CM

‘She said her organisation was working closely with WA Police to build a better relationship between officers and young Muslim people.

“We’re looking at real program sthat are going to change that perception that young people might have of police, and that police might have of young people as well”.

Islam: thuggery + image management. Ms Kolia is working hard on the image management.  – CM

‘The Premier has condemned recent cases of harassment and assured Muslim leaders of the Government’s support for their communities”.

Oh, good god.  I didn’t see him going out of his way to make public statements of support to the Australian Jewish community, back in August when howling Muslim-led mobs were screaming “Kill the Jews” and “Death to Israel!” and  “Free, Free Palestine” in pro-Gaza rallies all over Australia, and there was a very, very real possibility (and actually, there still is) that Jews inside Australia would be attacked…by Muslims.  I wonder what the WA Premier will do, if and when the first Lee-Rigby style or Theo Van Gogh style public assassination happens?  Or if a Muslim attacks a Chabad house or a synagogue or a Jewish school, and murders Jews?  Or if some of those sweetly smiling young Muslims and doe-eyed Muslimahs who’ve been busy buttering up the police, turn out to be plotting to blow things up and kill lots of people in Western Australia, or else go waltzing off to Syria and Iraq to engage in a devout imitatio Mohammedi… a spot of beheading, raping, kidnapping, extortion, selling into slavery, and so on?  Will he still rush to the Muslims first of all – rather than to the group or groups attacked by the Muslims – to fawningly assure the Muslims of his “support” for their “community”?? - CM

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