What exactly is the message of Islam?

Islam has nothing to do with Islam and jihad is misunderstood:

Israeli  (Muslim) Doctor Joins ISIS,  Meets Virgins Gets Killed

Barzilai hospital searched for its resident doctor-turned-terrorist after he disappeared and discovered that he changed professions.

The Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon announced Sunday morning that an Israeli Bedouin doctor who was doing his internship at the medical center is the same person who security sources said joined the Islamic State ISIS group of barbaric killers and was killed in fighting in August.

isis-clothes-polcie-photoThe doctor was identified as Alkian Othman, age 26, from the Bedouin city of Hura, located approximately 10 miles north of Be’er Sheva. His brother was arrested last April for helping him on his journey.

Islamo gobbledegook:

 The ‘Islamic State’ has clarified for everyone the difference between islam and nothing to do with islam

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the “Muslim United Nations,” said with newfound acuity that the “Islamic State” has “nothing to do with Islam” and has committed crimes “that cannot be tolerated.”

The American Muslim community and Muslim scholars around the world have repudiated and rejected the “Islamic State’s” twisted ideology, calling it not just un-Islamic but anti-Islamic. …By Safdar Khwaja thanks to Mullah, pbuh….

Nothing to do with Islam
(unless you count
 the Quran).

More misunderstood messages, tarnishing Islam and ‘extremist’ head choppers from the Religion of Peace:

Islam’s Clash with Islam  (Globe and Mail)

Even if the teachings of Islam were not violent – which they are – circumstantial evidence demonstrates that this is anything but a “religion of peace.”

Maligning Malala  (Gatestone)

“The religious fundamentalists are incensed because [the Nobel Peace prize winner] is a girl.”

A Warning to the West  (No Compulsion)

“They immigrate to your countries holding the same belief system that turned their lives into hell on earth. This same belief, same religion made their lives unsupportable in their original societies.”

Naomi Wolfe and Mass Rape  (American Thinker)

What was she thinking?

More Like the Mafia Than Bill Mahr Knows  (Raymond Ibrahim)

Allah is the Godfather. Muhammad is his underboss.

5 Key Implications if Baghdad Falls  (PJ Media)

A true Islamic state and an unparalleled sectarian war are part of the reason why ISIS must be prevented from further gains.

Jihad Crow in America  (FrontPage Magazine)

Some Arabs in America have a pronounced racist view of black people.

There Should be No ‘Palestine’  (Caroline Glick)

Rewarding bad behavior is never a good idea.

This is from 2011, but ask yourself: is there any less sharia in Oz today?

SHARIA is already being practised in western Sydney, with hundreds of religious divorces granted by imams.—ADELAIDENOW.COM.AU

Sharia rules: shrouded creatures need not identify themselves:

Canadians outraged: Veiled Muslim women not required to lift veil, prove ID at airports

They are not required to in any western country are they?

Canadian airport security personnel do not ask veiled Muslims women to lift their veils, show and ID, and prove their identity the veiled women do not even interact…

2 thoughts on “What exactly is the message of Islam?”

  1. but but… it is poverty and the uneducated that are violent jihadists!

    BTW, moslem immigration is hijrah and it is a part of jihad – the first stages of jihad. to blend in, feign peacefulness, lie about islam… then BOOOM!

  2. Re: “What exactly is the message of Islam?”

    The “message” of islam (extortion) is nonsensical: “peace” through violence.

    Other than that, it’s “god,” allah, is described as both unknown and unknowable (basically, capriciously random painful violence; Satan).

    The main thrust of the Qur’an is a lie: that all those ghost-towns all over Arabia (as described in the opening lines of most Suras or chapters) were caused directly by this “allah,” because the people who used to live there disobeyed his previous prophets.

    Obviously, the Arabian ghost-towns were abandoned due to natural disasters (Arabia is moke Mordor or Hell, prone to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes) of changed economic circumstances, so Moe’s main assertion is a lie.

    Secondly, to avoid that sort of thing happening locally, the Qur’an advises everyone to “Fear the Allah!” and “Obey the Muhammad!”

    Only by obeying the Muhammad can the dreaded Allah be appeased.

    And how does the Moe say the Allah can be best appeased? Why, by attacking the “infidels” which the Allah has created to annoy itself.

    So islam is sort of a “Take THEM, Lord – Not ME!” sort of cowardly treason to rationality and civilization.

    But even so, the Qur’an warns, since the Allah can and will do anything it wants, even obeying the Muhammad isn’t a sure-fire way to avoid it’s sadistic wrath; after all, it CAUSES the “infidels” one is ordered to attack, too, so anyone can be forced by the Allah to become an infidel at any time, without knowning it.

    And so, (according to the ahadiths) when Moe was asked, as he lay dying, what his reward would be, and whether he would go to Paradise, or Hell, he responded with:

    “I have absolutely no idea.”

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