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Saudi cunt

Every time you buy groceries from the supermarket it’s most likely you’re paying an Islamic tax to the government of Saudi Arabia. Today, around 80 per cent of supermarket food produce from Australia’s largest and most iconic brands are Halal Certified. An estimated 500 Australian based food companies pay this Islamic tax which is passed on to you at the checkout.

This tax, masquerading as Halal Certification, is a modern version of an Islamic tax called ‘Jizya’. It was first imposed by Muslims who had conquered non-Muslims, who became subservient to Muslims, but did not wish to convert to Islam.

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They paid the tax in order to have their lives spared and were then known as dhimmis. This institution has its roots in the origins of Islam, 1400 years ago.

Halal Certification fees can be viewed as a modern implementation of the Jizya tax on dhimmis via the supermarket shelf.

Iconic names and brands like Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Cadburys, Nestle, Kraft, Byron Bay Cookies, Kellogs, Sanitarium, Four and Twenty pies are among the household names collecting this jizya style tax from non Muslims in Australia.

Most companies are told by Islamic Halal Certifiers, that this is a fee to grow their export markets. The food producers who are coerced into paying these certification fees, have no clue or real understanding of the history of this Islamic tax or that they are being used as Jizya collectors (few food producers would have heard of the term).

The certification fees are paid by the food producers but the cost is passed on to you, the consumer, by the retailer.

When Mohammed began his career as a prophet, his first strategy was to try to persuade people to join him. Initially this was not a great success as he gained only around 11 new followers a year for the first 13 years. Once he moved to Medina however, his new tactic was to incorporate banditry into his religion.

His followers would attack and kill people and steal their wealth.

This attracted far more followers and the money began to pour in, but there was a flaw in this new model… you can only kill and rob someone once.

Then one day, Mohammed and his men attacked and looted a Jewish settlement named Khybar. The Jews there were skilled farmers and negotiated an agreement with Mohammed.

They suggested that, if he were to spare them, they would continue to work as ‘dhimmis’ or semi-slaves and would pay him 50 per cent of their earnings as a form of tax, or protection money which became known as ‘Jizya’.

This new tactic gave Mohammed and the Muslims an ongoing source of income from his conquests, rather than just one off windfalls.

This option was only allowed to Jews and Christians in Mohammed’s time, but it became so lucrative that when the Muslims conquered Northern India, much later on, they extended this system to the Hindus, even though it went against basic Islamic doctrine.

This tactic of forcing non-Muslims to pay a tax to Muslims has been the default Islamic position ever since. This was also a part of the larger strategy of economic warfare waged by Islam which would gradually bleed non-Muslims of any wealth and influence while strengthening Islam.


In recent times, this new and insidious scam has been surreptitiously rolled out without any fanfare, but has left most non-Muslims in the Western World now paying a tax to the Muslims through their food and product purchases. Opting out of this scheme has become incredibly difficult.

The way it works is this:  Muslims approach food producers and manufacturers of almost every item that’s sold and insist that they pay an ongoing fee to be able to continue to sell their produce and goods as Halal Certified.

If the producers refuse, they will be threatened with exclusion from Islamic export markets and boycotted by Muslims in the home market. This has already happened in Australia with devastating results.

Those who still refuse are labelled as bigots and Islamophobes. These sums of money are not inconsequential, we are talking about up to $40,000 per month for a single chicken producer.

When all the food producers and manufacturers in Australia are added up, we are talking about an enormous transfer of wealth from non-Muslims to Muslims.

The most worrying aspect of this whole sorry affair is that we have no guarantee that the money is not being used to fund violent jihad around the world against both Muslims and non-Muslims. Given the amount of Islamic violence currently raging, this is a very real concern.

In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on 10th September 2005, it was reported that a conflict was raging between two rival Islamic groups in Australia over the rights to the lucrative Halal Certification business. The article quoted one Islamic group which had accused the other of using Halal Certification to fund extremists (aka terrorists).

That’s not an ill-informed non-Muslim accusation. It’s an accusation made by Muslims themselves.

Mr Shafiq Khan, a powerful Australian Muslim businessman with links to the Saudi Government and the Islamic affairs Ministry, was challenged by local Turkish Islamic rivals for control of The Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat in Australia.  They accused Khan of having used Halal funds for his own business purposes.

The head of the AFIC at the time, Mr Amjad Mehboob, supported Mr Khan as it was feared it would be disclosed where the money from Halal rights was going.

The SMH reported that the Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat in Australia was in the hands of Mr Khan’s rivals who had taken him to court, and that neither he nor his backers in the AFIC were happy about it.

While they were careful not to name anyone, they had claimed that money from the Halal meat rights could end up in the hands of Islamic extremists.

“We have complained to the Saudi authorities that a handful of people are controlling millions of dollars coming into the organisation,” Mr Mehboob said. “We know there are some groups that are spending heaps of money, bringing in people from abroad, radical and extremist imams, who are giving inflammatory talks in this country. Who is funding them?”

Again, it is not we who are saying this, it was the head of the largest Islamic organisation in Australia!

But today whenever concerned non-Muslims ask the same question, they are dismissed as ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’.

It’s been shown in Canada, the USA, Europe and the UK that Halal Certification funds are laundered through tax exempt ‘charities’  before being diverted to proscribed terrorist organisations.

Halal Certifiers have refused to answer where these millions in Halal taxes finish up. They often turn the question around by asking, “Do you ask Christian churches what they do with their money?”

The same SMH article explains how the Halal Certification fees are also funnelled back to the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which uses its wealth to promote the spread of its Wahhabi view of Islam.

The Wahhabi sect of Islam is the same extreme sect as ISIS, the savage jihadists who we and our allies are currently at war with.

ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a brother of the Saudi Wahhabis who prop up the House of Saud. Baghdadi’s ruthless creed has clear roots in the 18th-century Arabian Peninsula. It was there that the Saud clan formed an alliance with the puritanical scholar Muhammed ibn Abd al-Wahhab.

And as they conquered the warring tribes of the desert, his austere interpretation of Islam became the foundation of the Saudi state. It still enforces the most radical form of Shariah law.

The Royal House of Saud now helps to fund the spread of Islam from the kingdom of Mecca and Medina, the two cities where Mohammed was originally based.

There are numerous ways Saudis fund the spread of Islam with the goal of creating a global caliphate. There is clear evidence that Saudi money has funded ISIS, that’s to be expected, yet the Saudis are now part of the coalition fighting ISIS because it has grown so quickly and has shown such ruthless savagery that the Saudi families are concerned for their own palaces and wealth.

The Saudi method of operation is what is known as ‘dawah’. This involves the building of mosques, and it also infiltrates non-Islamic Western institutions such as universities, political parties, associations, councils and Western economies (Halal Certification).

The Jizya tax (Halal Certification) adds hundreds of dollars a year to the average Australian’s food bill. Globally, Halal Certification is already a $3 trillion per year industry and the Saudi governing body estimates it will be worth $10 trillion per year in 15 years’ time.

That’s a lot of unearned money being extracted from Western nations, who only have themselves to blame. Our political parties look the other way, while arguing over a $7 medical co-payment or a 1c fuel levy designed to reduce our national debt.

Apparently, a religious tax paid by Australian consumers that is laundered to a foreign country ruled by Shariah law is not worth confronting publicly or addressing in Parliament.

This is what is known as a ‘sleeper’ issue our politicians will soon need to face rather than avoid.


Islamic certifiers have convinced our food producers and manufacturers they need to pay this Jizya style tax to expand their export markets. This is a tax producers have been willing to pay for exposure to Middle East and Asian Muslim markets such as in Indonesia and Malaysia.

This does not explain however why Australian consumers have to pay, without choice, an Islamic tax on iconic Australian brands within Australia.

Despite the fact that Muslims make up only 2.2% of the population they are able to impose a massive Islamic tax on all of us. So why do our producers and processors need to pay any halal tax at all?

If a special interest group or organisation or religion wants a producer or manufacturer to modify a product for a specialist market the niche market should pay the producer for that modification, and not have the producer pay a fee.

What would Toyota, Ford or General Motors say if you walked in and asked to have them modify a standard production car to your specifications, and for them to pay you for the privilege? They’d rightly tell you that YOU should be be certified.

Our politicians, with an eye on export markets, say that it’s okay for individual food exporters to pay an Islamic tax to open up export markets. Where they fail their local constituents is that they look away when the local (non export) market is also forced to pay.

The failure by our politicians to seriously address this issue will come back to bite them at the polls as more and more Australians are saying, “enough is enough!”

Australians are a generous lot, but they will not roll over to be treated as dhimmis, milked by a foreign, religious-based government, and used by local producers of household brand names they have trusted and supported for decades.


  1. From now on I will only ever refer to halal certification as

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    “M & J Chickens are Halal Contaminated

    It’s amazing how this REAL perception change lowers the tolerance for Vile Putrid Malevolent Muhammadan Savages being anywhere near or having anything to do with my or other civilised persons food supply!

    • Australia’s Politicians and Politicals fix this halal Contamination racket and then get yourselves incarcerated for Assisting and Enabling islam invade Australia.
    • Australia’s Politicians and Politicals are guilty of Treason and Sedition against Australia.

  2. Rephrased ….
    • Australia’s Politicians and Politicals get yourselves off to be incarcerated for Assisting and Enabling islam invade Australia – so the rest of us can fix this halal Contamination racket and also get rid of the Vile Putrid Malevolent Muhammadan Savages !!!

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