Austria: if you tell the truth about Islam you are as guilty as the headchoppers…


Those who tell the truth about Islam are as guilty as the headchoppers

Two teenage girls leave Austria to join militants in Syria

Translated by  Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, thanks to Vlad Tepes:

A number of raids were carried out on mosques in Austria and a number of arrests were made on serious charges. But perhaps more interesting is the official position of the Austrian government concerning what people are allowed to say about those raids:

The majority of the 500,000 Muslims wants to live here peacefully and has nothing to do with the terror by IS. But the jihadists abuse Islam for their own purposes; they kill and rape in the name of Islam. This is why there must not be any general suspicion. The public must exercise awareness, because what is at stake here are our value system and human rights. But let me warn about abusing this raid for the purpose of propaganda. Whoever resorts to this is as guilty as the other if there are assaults on innocents. (Austria’s Minister of the Interior)


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  1. The evil and mental illness of multi-culturalism/Muslim ass-kissing is just getting worse and worse. However, I noticed this in the media twenty or thirty years ago when the news began to be presented as if a triple murder and running a stop sign were equally heinous. There is some sick sh*t going on out there.

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